Selasa, Juli 01, 2008

Thanx to...

I wanna give my thanx to...

1. God : For giving me life and to love me so much even if i don't ask for it.

2. My parents : for giving me a live, to teach me how to eaze the pain, to teach me about life, to feed me, to educate me, to give me home, to guide me through this world, to care.

3. My sista, Tasha : for giving me your full attention, to love me the way i am, to always taking care of me, to be there for me, always.

4. My teachers : for their trust in me, for their attention to me, for the knowledge they give to me.

5. My friends : for giving me confidence to speak out, for giving me laughter when i need it the most, for the love that they showed when i talk like a little bitch, for the passion the hand out.

6. My books : Comic, novel, anything that i read since i was like.. 3.

My life is so boring. But when i re think, i have so much tings that i'm blessed with. So this is my life.. what about yours?

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