Senin, Desember 22, 2008

Daddy's little girl

It's mother's day. I know. Saat gw mengepost ini adalah tanggal 22 Desember yang berarti hari ini adalah hari ibu sedunia. Saat kita merayakan kasih sayang ibu terhadap kita, baik dia masih ada ataupun sudah tiada. Nyokap gw masih ada, biarpun sering sakit karena kurang gerak, but she's fine. Oh, and she really needs to go to the dentist wkwkwk..XD

But today I want to remember my dad.

The one who, if he had not plant the seeds, there won't be my sisters and I. The one who, if he didn't put his mind that this is his family, than we would be torn apart. The one who, with his blind determination, kept me going to school untill I finally graduate from highschool. The one who, with his sweats and blood, make my family alive and healthy with the food he brought home. The one who, even with all that, I still despised him and don't really see what he did to me and to my family.

Dengan segala kekurangannya, papaku adalah orang yang paling berjasa dalam hidupku. He get me my job. He make sure that I'm healthy and well eventhough his ways is all wrong in my eyes (and in the eyes of any normal person). He put me and my sister to school and make sure we graduate with honour. He make sure there's food on the table eventhough there's no money to spare. He doesn't share his grieve or his feelings so his family won't mourn. He doesn't remember all that he had done to the family but I do.

Yesterday, when I was in a bus on the way home, I could only think of one thing.

Tomorrow is mother's day. But I could only remember my dad.

I feel so sorry that I don't appreciate him enough for what he had done for me and my family. How he put us together. How he put pride and dignity to his daughters. How he take cares of my mom eventhough there's no love between them. How he put the meaning of 'family' into the heart of his daughters. My family is a screw up--very messed up--destroyable--fragile--family. But we stuck together till the very end.

Thank you, Dad.

Oh, and I love you.

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