Jumat, Februari 13, 2009


It's freakin AMAZING what you can find from a simple blog walking. I just discovered the funniest, coolest really over the edge blog with a little twist. Its the chickenstrip blog. LOL! So I discovered this blog when I was checking on if there's any new update from Miss Ayu (which is kinda useless coz she rarely touch her blog. Lol.) and I saw a comment on her blog which is pretty rare to find in my friends blog. I actually arrange my blog to accept comment but this template doesn't show it. Besides nobody would leave comments in my blog anyway. If you want, just leave the comment on the oggix shout box right next to the entries.

Oh, back to topic. Like what I was saying, I was checking on Miss Ayu blog and there was two comments there. I check it out and saw a cute guy there. I know that Ayu is surrounded with cute guys but I have no idea it was that much. Lol. Ok, so I check out his blog and it turn out to be a pretty cool blog. He's a commentator and talk about a lot of subject in a smart way. Humm.. Really cool. Lol. Well anyway, I'm not talking about him, I'm talking about this cool blog the chickenstrip blog heeee heeee.

A quote from Ikram's Blog:

With around 400 visitors per day, the comic-blog is now getting more and more popular.

“I was quite surprised to learn about the number of visitors,” said 30-year-old Diki Andeas, the author of Chickenstrip. “I never thought many people would like it.”

Surprisingly, Diki views himself as a “serious person” despite his laugh-inducing comic strip. The soft-spoken Diki, a web programmer for an IT company which he co-founded with his friends and is based in the West Java town of Cimahi, said he drew comics initially as part of his blog.

Chickenstrip usually deals with IT-related issues, reflecting the author’s daily life and environment. But once in a while it also features funny episodes on topical social situations. For example, when one of Diki’s colleagues became a father, he drew a comic about the “so-called IT father” who chose the name of the child from Google and searched Wikipedia for the meaning of fatherhood.

Here's a couple of his hilarious chickenstrip.

Sorry for the extreme resize due to my small template and the overwhelming amount of chickenstrip. I usually get excited when I found something good. Lol. Its hysterical. Just read that blog! Lol.

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