Selasa, Februari 24, 2009


What kind of a man are you if you don't FLUSH?!

Please understand that I can't just see yellow urinate in the toilet everytime I walked into every bathrooms in this office! I had enough having to flush other people urine, FYI. Such ignorant! There's women here that also use the bathrooms and we usually would clinch in disgust seeing other peoples urine still there. And it's not only in this office. Nearly every office I've been (working or just visiting) have urine in the toilet! What's up with that?! Why are guys so not clean? I mean of course I understand that as a man, you don't have to use as much water as we women do when we pee, but have a little consideration to the people that is waiting in line to use the toilet! They would have to flush your urine! Aren't you even a little embarrased by that?

And please don't make me started with that awful cigarette smoke flying in the air that would be recognize by me as a man just pup there. Why do you (men) always smoke when you're doing it? It's riddicolous. Of course you'll flush and the smell won't stay like when you pee and left your urine there but the smoke smell stays! It really a bothersome to enter a bathroom and close the door with that awful smell all over you.

Flush! You Men! Be clean!

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