Kamis, Februari 12, 2009

A Good Muslimah

Minutes to my bedtime, ladies and gentleman. And I'm spending it by blogging and downloading the Qur'an recital from a famous Arabian scholar. Too bad, Indonesian with a lot of good Qori and Qoriah doesn't record their recital and share it too the world. I know Indonesian have very good Qori and Qoriah too. I have just finished downloading the Qur'an recital guidance program so I could install it at my laptop since this damn PC Server doesn't have any sound card in it (wait, I've mentioned that before, right? Lol.). I'm planning on install the software program at my (office) laptop so I can learn how to spell it correctly by looking at the program. I downloaded the program here, you could download it if you want to. :)

Oh, almost forgot, I download the recite Qur'an from Syeikh Sa'ad Al-Ghamadi in here. Thought that some of you might want it too. Lol.

I got the idea to download the Qur'an recital in mp3 format from Miss Pixie blog. She is a convert and now is learning how to read the Qur'an properly. Of course as a newbie who is not familiar at all with Arabian language, she have to start from the basic. What I really admire is her spirit to learn (her target is to memorized the entire Qur'an. Wow!) and how she do it. She give tips to the reader of her blog on how she manage to learn the Qur'an.

Honestly speaking, my recital is bad. Bad as in B. A. D. I don't remember a lot of surah and only remember a few short one to read at my daily pray (shalat). And my daily pray is not likely to be a good one, remembering how many times that I missed doing it. Really B. A. D. Well, it's never too late to be a good muslimah, right? I hope. :D

Right. First thing first. Let me try to be a good muslimah, starting from the basic. I have to fix my daily pray 5 times a day like it is told by Muhammad (SAW) the prophet, God bless him and his family. Recite the Qur'an that is the legacy of the prophet and a gift that God had given us, humans. Yes, I don't have the conscious to do this back then. But at least I'm doing it now. :D Give this girl some spirit... Lol.

So what does it take to be a good muslimah? To follow the Hukum Islam and Rukun Iman? To cover myself as it is written in the holy Qur'an? To be a nice person to all human being (and animal)? It's hard, ladies and gentleman. But like what I read earlier in a Yahoo answer (some weird source, huh? Lol.), going to heaven and to get God (SWT) mercy is uphill. It's hard and challenging. Tired and exhausting. Coz you're going against gravity and a lot of optical ahead.

I will try to do it. Wish me luck, guys! And girls, of course. LOL!

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