Jumat, Februari 20, 2009

Happy Birthday

Yes. Happy Birthday! To me! Yeay! It's my 25 birthday. Yes, okay, I admit it. It's my 25 birthday. You could notice it from my blog (of course, I wrote it here), my facebook, my friendster or from the forum's that I followed. I'm sooo happy and over excited about my birthday mainly because I can't believe so many people would care about my birthday! >.<

Last year was my 24 birthday. I got so many people saying happy birthday to me too just like what I'm experiencing right now. I don't remember what it felt like last year concerning that I am a future Alzheimer patient. Lol. But I do trying to capture what I feel right now. This feeling of overwhelming coz the person that I hope would remember my birthday (my friends and family) actually do remember my birthday! And a person that is very least expected turns out to be the first person that would say happy birthday to me. He's genuinely nice. Thanx Angga. :)

So I got a couple IM from Yahoo Messenger (which I don't go online intentionally because I'm waiting for my birthday to come at exactly 12 AM. I even don't realize it until Angga showed up out of the blue and say happy birthday) only from Angga and Miss Ussi but since I like those two a lot I have no problem with that. Of course I have to let Miss Ussi know it's my birthday coz she doesn't have any contact with me in any forum, friendster, facebook or myspace (do I have any? I can't remember. Lol.) except for my blog and Yahoo Messenger. But after that I got a few phone calls from my friends (Mamanx and Rifa, thank you so much you guys...), my sister (love you sist) and last but not least is from my 'son' (Thanx Bung). I was waiting for him to give an IM thinking that Miss Ussi that also is chatting with him already told him that it was my birthday but instead he called me. Aaaahhh... so sweet. Especially remembering that we both now have the same GSM operator. Lol.

Oke! For all of you that haven't called, text, leave me any notes at all saying a happy birthday for me, I'll be waiting. =)

And I want a birthday present. Inspired by my gift to my oldest sister, I want each and everyone of you... (Yes you! Reading my blog. Lol.) to write me something, anything, that is dedicated as my birthday present. It could be in your blog or if you don't have a blog that it could be in your facebook note (Don't say you don't have a facebook. Everyone have a facebook) and send it to me. =)

It's not that hard right? Please? :)

Oh, and I don't take my age lightly. I know in my age, people would push me and push and push until I'm press in the corner about marriage, having kids, making my parents happy and blah blah blah and so on. Yes, I do realize that without having anyone shoving it to me. Thank you. But I haven't found anyone or even know how to meet anyone or probably ready for anyone in particular right know. Right know I'm just chillin' and trying to be more religious and self conscious about myself and my religion. I am aware that in one's birthday, one do not get more age, one will just have less time to spend in this world. One more year fly by without any meaning. Hhhh~

I have to pray for my years to come and thankful for my years that passed. And I need to sleep to. Thank you everyone that said happy birthday to me. :)


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hijabee mengatakan...


twiZted mengatakan...

A very happy birthday!

Rere mengatakan...

Thank you very much ladies *hugs*

Asha mengatakan...

Salaam Sis,

Happy Birthday to you! May Allah bless you! Have a good one!

minogaku mengatakan...


Oh, ye. Soal kado yg tulisan tentang rere, gw kudu meditasi dulu biar dapet hasil analisa obyektif (baca: feel *halah udeh kek RPG aje XDD*), so.. be patient..

*lirik revisi laporan magang yg dedlennya jumat depan*

Shaula mengatakan...

Happy Birthday, Lele.

Duh lagi males bikin kata-kata mutiara. Jadi cuma ngucapin doang ;))


Aalia mengatakan...

Asalaamu `alaikum

Mabrook on your 25th Birthday!!

Aalia :-D

Rere mengatakan...

Wa 'alaikum salam warahmatullah.

Thank you Miss Aalia and Miss Asha. :)

Mid : gw tunggu yee... kasih tau klo dah beres. :)

Sha : Thanx hun *hugs*