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Hai people. Yesterday I can't find time to blog at all, so I found time this morning to blog instead of having breakfast at the canteen. I know none of you asked but I'll just tell coz I do love to talk about myself. Lol. I was very busy yesterday, working (of course, heee heee) and spend half my day at another office trying to finish up my job. When I get back to the office, my boss is expecting me and he wants me to finish the job at that very minute. I was like : woot?! WTH?! It was 4 PM. It's over office hour! And the head office was just waiting for me to finish the report, he was eagerly want to go to a meeting somewhere. So he was watching me! Literally! Watching my back as I work! My God! Thank God I was done in only an hour. If not, they would stare at me until I'm done. Wew, that would be scary. =_=

So I thought I was done for the day. I could take a rest and maybe do some blogging. So I download a couple of video to watch in my (office) laptop coz this stupid PC Server don't have any sound card in it. So when I wanna watch a video, I have to download it first than play it on the laptop. I know, ribet ya? So as I was gonna watch the video's, there's a blackout. WTF?! I mean yesterday there's a blackout the entire day and now there's a blackout through the entire night?! Geez. The power was on again at precisely 6 AM this morning. Nice, huh?

Well, at least I was falling a sleep at 10. Something unusual for me since I always go to sleep at 12. But I feel very fresh this morning. You snooze you loose. That phrase really stuck in my head lately. And it was really following me this couple of days. It's true! You know, when you sleep early and get up early, you feel fresh and somehow good karma just falling into your lap. You have good fortune through the entire day coz you start to prep early. I know it's sound weird but I believe it's true. I read that phrase in the 'chicken soup for the soul' book.


Anyway, I have this small project that I'm meaning to work on for these past couple of days but I just don't have the time, energy or the mood to do it. Since the internet is going pretty smooth, and I feel very fresh this morning, why don't I give it a try, shall we? :)

I want to talk to you about hijab. Since I was struggling with my faith and hijab. About whether or not I will stay wearing hijab (jilbab) or not. I counter this pretty blogs that is talking about hijab in a fun way and about how people look at them. About their faith and believe. About why they wear hijab at the first place. I even watch video's about it on youtube. It's amazing how many people trying to stand in their religion and how many people trying to destroy it at the same time. I started to listen the Monday pray (pengajian senin) that is obligated by my office. I started thinking and I finally remember the reason why I wear hijab at the first place.

Now I feel proud and comfortable with who I am. It's not how people look at you. It's all about how you look at yourself that matters.

Hijab has different kind of type. I just realize this when I was blog walking all over the place. Lol.

a/ Al Amira is a 2 piece affair. It usually consists of a close fitting cap, and, an accompanying tube like scarf.

b/ Shayla is a long rectangular scarf popular in the Gulf. drapped around the head, flung across the shoulder, it is usually pinned at the shoulders to keep it in place

c/ Khimar Like a cape, it covers the head, the hair and the neck and usually hangs down upto the waist, but the face is clearly visible.

d/ Chador Worn by Iranian women, when outside the house, and is a full body cloak, usually accompanied by a small headscarf underneath!

e/ Niqab A full veil that covers the women from head to toe leaving the eyes uncovered.

f/ Burqa The most concealing of all the hijabs. It coveres a woman completely leaving only a mesh for the eys for the woman to lok through.

I have a couple of friend that is wearing Khimar and of course Al Amira. Lol. But I don't know any people that wear a niqab or burqa. But the fact is, a lot of people who's blog I read wear a niqab. And most people who doesn't wear it, approve of it (niqab). For some in our country, niqab or burqa is consider to be a middle eastern culture. That we should integrate with our religion but not the Arab culture. I myself have a bias opinion. Coz I can't see their face, I was, frankly speaking, afraid of them. These women in niqab. Why? I dunno. Coz I'm not used with their presence and their black niqab. While in the west, women who wear niqab not necessarily wear a black niqab. I've seen some that wear a colorful niqab. Even on youtube. Like this one :

Miss Pixie (if I'm not mistaken) from http://beautifulmuslimah.blogspot.com made this nice combo of colorful niqab in polyvore.

This shown me that niqab is not all that bad. Especially when it is presented in a colorful way. Not only in black. But what I've seen in this blogs that I read, video that I watch, it educated me that the person behind a niqab is a women. Not necessarily mean that they are being told by their man to wear it. It could be from their heart. Like what I watch last night from this video in youtube. Sorry can't give you the real video coz it will take ages to upload. Lol.

I also found this funny pic from browsing around.

What I'm trying to say is : we are all sisters and brothers in Islam. If you have faith in your religion, jangan mengernyitkan wajah ketika melihat seseorang memakai niqab atau burqa. It's just how they want to express their religion. Just as we do. So say salam and smile when you see one. :)

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