Senin, Februari 23, 2009

Just don't!

I have learn the secret of becoming a good muslimah... *sfx : wind blowing*

Just don't turn on the TV.

I'm sure many of you know the content of our local channels in Indonesia. Useless soap opera, music programs, variety show (including not-so-reality-show) and A LOT of infotainment (gossip) news. There's not a lot of useful things in the TV except if we turned the channel to a couple of my favorite channel like MetroTv that only present news and some import entertainment programs like Oprah (love it!), Nanny 911 (I've always watch it just in case I have a couple of future disaster in my future family), Rachael Ray Show (you know, the cooking program. She's cute. Love her. And I don't cook. =D), etc. Well, basicly I would just turn the TV off most of the time.

Back in the days, I hated TV with all my heart as I was falling in love with TV most of my life. I'm pretty sure that damn TV made me think like I am back then. I grew up with the TV on all the time. My dad would just turn the TV off only when it's homework time. Other than that, than the TV is all ours. Unless he wants to watch TV but it's pretty rare occasion. Right, moving on. Why did I hated TV so much when I was falling in love with the TV most of my 25 years life? It's because the program just got lower and lower and lower to reach rock bottom.

In Indonesia, we as muslims, have the most amount of people in the population. 90%! So we basicly (the muslim family) would watch TV together and the people behind the TV programs like producers and stuff would make a program that would suit our needs. But in the absolutely wrong way. When the mystical thingy when out and very popular with high rating, the producers will make a program that would connect mystical things with Islam. Like an exorsism program with people wearing Islamic clothing and locking jinn in a bottle. What kind of crap is that?! And the Islamic program just got worst with this new soap opera that publicized hijab. It first started okay but as the rating grow higher and the episodes got longer, the story and the basic Islam rules are getting further away from reality and the truth. This people are actually teaching the people lies about Islam or maybe just not the whole truth or the reason behind all that like the soap opera (sinetron) about poligami and stuff.

The role lady would cry and be tortured by the antagonist role. It's like Islam is being making fun of by this really crappy soap opera. And the cast are not even muslims! Such crap! It's misguiding people, teaching them the wrong thing, and the eff cast are not even muslims or actually wear a hijab in reality!

The news! Except for the news in MetroTv, the newscaster would say the news in a very unedicational ways that make me want to just turn off the TV and go straight to bed. Better to read the news in the paper. And what is it with the popular ustadz to go say wisdom words after a mystical/bloody/unrealistic FTV?!

Let's just all agree that aside from watching DVD, we'll just turn off the TV. It saves energy. :D

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