Selasa, Februari 10, 2009

Last Night

Hei, it's me again. I post new entry in this blog in the speed of light, don't I? Lol. It's just that since I have so many spare time while I'm not at IH, I can spend more time doing something else, like reading or watching TV or just walking around which can feel pretty darn lonely at times but if I work, it doesn't seem so long. Anyway, I can't read coz my books are all at my house, the TV is for the domination of men and I don't want to just walking around coz it's started to feel lonely after awhile.

Well, the point is I need my friends. My old and new friends. I just reach out my old friends with the magic of facebook (and they're starting to make fun of me again) and I really-really-really want to meet them in person after all this time. I miss them. *hiks* I'm still to lazy to text them or calling them coz after all this time, I wouldn't know what to say. Hahah such a lame excuse. But I hope I'll meet them next month. I miss them already.

Last night was the strangest. It literally the strangest. I was talking to my ex (and he forgive me, btw. Just too nice. Lol.) on the net by YM and there it was right in front of me, someone I really don't like from way back then trying to chat with me (in person). Well, this guy try to hitch me awhile but since I just don't like his personality (which I think is kinda weird) so I just ignored him... but he won't ignore me!! I was just about to hush him away but I just ignored him and he left. Yeay!

I won't have to feel worry if he ever read my blog coz this person can't even turn on the computer. =_=" Skip that, I want to tell you that last night I had a little chat with my second degree blog friend wkwkwk..XD I had her YM address for awhile coz I asked for it from a friend but I kinda forgot so I just asked her YM again coz it kinda ring a bell when I opened her blog yesterday. So I chat with this particular girl, let's just name her Miss Ussy, and I found the most fascinating things. She's hilarious! I like her. Honestly I laugh all the way when I was talking to her about my story. Well, the truth is, I just love talking about myself, this selfish jerk. LOL!

And she call me a devil girl!! OMG, that is soooo funny. I don't deny the truth from that nickname coz if you hear my story you'll feel the same thing. But, what she said, it really touch me. I mean, who else would say something like that? And honestly I don't think it's a joke. She really meant that. My god, she's really one of kind. Why do we talk just now?! You're a very-very-very interesting girl, Miss Ussy. I like you a lot! LOL!

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