Jumat, Februari 27, 2009

Money. Money. Money.

Don't give me that--money doesn't matter as long as you have the love of your family, friends and God--look. I need the money because of their existence! Well, don't get me wrong but when I don't have any money, usually, I'm becoming this kind of cave-woman with no money to go out of the house and hang out with my friends. My family would have so little money, we could barely provide food in the table. Yes, it's that bad. It has reach to a point where I am so desperate, I would voluntarily work overtime in the office, even though apparently my boss think that he had captivated me in the office (which he did).

I need money. Because I don't have any. There. That's the truth.

When I don't have any money, I usually get cranky even if it's not my PMS period. I need to get more money so I could focus on other things than being stressed out cos my wallet is so empty you could hear the wind breeze in it.

But God love me more than I'm worth.

A friend of mine just told me how to get extra bucks (it's in USD, PEOPLE!! $_$) from the Internet. I thought it was something that's already common like AdSense where I have to click on the ad on some random website to get a couple of cent. It will take centuries to get a couple of Dollar so I just close my eyes and move on. And this friend of mine tell me that he could get 20-60 USD a month from doing surveys. It's a blessing in disguise I'm telling you. Alhamdulillah Allah showed me the way from various direction. It's just a matter of, am I willing enough to do it?

I have this problem where I would talk the talk and not walk the walk.

Yes, I am that type of person of NATO (No Action Talk Only). You probably already realised it and think that I'm somehow don't realised it either. Usually people don't realise their bad behavior. But I do. This behavior could cost me my friends. Thank God I don't like to promise people anything (even though I do that sometimes). It's common around people to realised their mistake but not really do anything about it. Their reaction if someone (a friend) mention it? Take it or leave it. Shove it down your throat or leave me alone! Yeah, something like that.

I realised my bad behavior and sometimes I'm proud of my fugly demeanor (you could shout "BOOOO" at me right now), but I do realised what impact of my behavior and what it would cost me in the future. A random self introspection. But what do I do about it?

Well, I would do it again... and feel bad about it.

But yet, I'm still doing it again, again, and again, till I had enough with myself and so is everyone else around me. It's just common, you know?

But this is serious. I need money, people!!!

Can someone help me and explain to me how this paypal and blog for money work?! Please? Anyone? *crying in self pity again*

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