Kamis, Februari 19, 2009


Yes, if you notice, there IS something new in my life (well, at least my blog). A new layout. Huahuahua.. When everyone else change their blog layout with something glam and cool, I just put the standard template that's coming from blogspot. Why? Simple. Coz I hate having to resize every picture that I want to put at the previous layout. Besides, I can't take the font. I hate that font. But this one's pretty much my taste of font. :D

I like a basic color for the background of my blog. Either it's black or white. I can take grey or light blue but I can't except any other color than that. My eyes is quite delicate reminiscing that it's already minus 6 (EACH). No such update going through my head right now coz I'm currently working on my never-ending-annual-report.

Oh! Just remember something. I finally put links for all my IndoHogwarts friends although I don't come there anymore coz I'm busy and all, but there you go. You don't have to say : "Link me, please." I already did. Lol. I took the link from another blog. I didn't get everyone's yet coz new people keep coming to IH but I'll catch up when I have the time. And btw, I have a stalker! Xixixi. From Qatar! Oh, I'm so happy that someone from outside my country want to read my blog although I still use Bahasa Indonesia as my primary language. And Miss KakChik from Malaysia said that she wants to be my friend. *smile*

I'm so happy if the people the blogs that I stalk would come and visit my blog even though their blog is in English and mine is kinda a wreck coz it's mix with Indonesia. Lol.

My head is spinning around and I haven't eat lunch yet. I still have a pile of work to do but I wanna go blog walking... wanna, wanna, wanna... Oh, read my whining, you could almost hear it. Lol.

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Asha mengatakan...

Salaam Sis!

I don't think your blog is boring.. why do you think so? Sometimes I like to read about people's lives when I am bored :) Just that I don't understand Indo lang so it is difficult for me to read some of your posts. And your eng is good as well ;) Don't worry, I am sure there are some people who find your blog interesting ;)

singamaraja mengatakan...


Singamaraja reading your blogs

Rere mengatakan...

Asha : thank you dear. I'm so happy you're reading my blog! *hugs* I've been meaning to write more in English, though.

Singamaraja : Waalaikum salam. Please come and visit if you like. :)

Nur mengatakan...

Nice bloog!
happy birthday? :p

Rere mengatakan...

Thank you Miss Nur *hugs*