Selasa, Februari 10, 2009

P# 3 - Argument? -

This morning I had another argument with mum. Well, it's not really an argument since I don't talk back to her, I just listen to her.

She asked me first about wether or not I feel comfortable with my bro and his wife's presence and then continue to told me to be a little bit more nice to my sis in law. Say hi to her, don't ignore her, talk to her, communicate to her more or she would feel that I don't like her presence and she would be offended and may not want to live in our house anymore resulting in she moved back to her mother's house and my bro would go with her and her mother would get an easy acces to exploit my bro financially.

I'm just speachless. This time it's not about something I did but somehing I didn't do. Yes, I don't communicate with her because she's always with my bro. I don't communicate with him. I don't get along with him. I can't. Now, I don't know how to do that anymore.

Poor mum, she was just so happy after my bro's wedding, having her son, now with a wife, living back together with her under the same roof and now I did this to her.

Why do I always upset her?

Right now, I wish I still work in Bekasi, where I don't have a life but my work. I only came home once a week and everyday, every hour, every minute and every second of my life is filled with nothing but work. Atleast then I will have an excuse to not communicate with them .

I'm sorry mum.......really...... I am.....

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