Rabu, Februari 11, 2009

P# 3 - Introduction -

I want to introduce you to the love of my life.

1st Pic : his name is Pukkie but we like to call him Ipuk or Cipuk or Puk-Puk. Big curly dog. Oshin met him once.....not a very nice first encounter for her, I think..... ^-^

2nd pic : her name is Motchi, but my mum call her Emot coz mum said that her face looks 'celemotan'. Her pic with her pups who didn't survive. All dead.

3rd pic: We didn't know what to name her so we just call her Puppy. I have a special name for her "Black Lady". She eats EVERYTHING! literally everything. She ate my socks once and a couple of days later I saw blue chunks on the front lawn, it turns out to be her feces. I have a picture of it also but I'm not sure it's appropriate to upload such pic......

Last pic : Our new edition in the house. His name is Boney but we also call him by the name of Bon-Bon or Bong-Bong or Bonces.

This series of Bong2's pic that I took when my mum's gave him a bath.

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