Jumat, Februari 06, 2009

P# 3 - Morning -

Today is a beautiful day. Less rain in Bogor this morning and no rain in Jakarta. A bit cloudy though.....hopefully it doesn't rain in the afternoon. My mood isn't as bad as the past two days. Does the weather effects people's mood?

Tasha, dear friend, sorry again for the cancelation. I should leave the day of nonbar to you then.

Just ate mum's made nasigoreng. Feel a lot better without having your stomach grouling. Today is friday, tomorrow's off....yeah! I love weekends now, coz i get 2 days off, saturday & sunday. But, since i work in jakarta why do i feel the days goes by so fast? everyday i'm just counting the day to saturday and man, time does goes by so fast. This april will mark my one year working for this company and this june will be my 28th birthday, 2 years from hitting the 3-0. Kinda scarry if you think about it. I'm getting old.

What will i be like in that month of june 2009? would i be the same as i was in june 2008? coz, the one thing that different is only i'm working for a different company, other than that? still the same i think. I'm still me. I'm still living in bogor and have to wake up at 4 a.m., leave the house at 5, go to the train station, get on a train to jakarta. Just exactly the same thing that i've been doing for the past 10 months and will be doing for the rest of my life if i decide to stay in this company.

OK, itu renungan pagi ini.

I'LL BE BACK..........

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