Kamis, Februari 12, 2009


Have you ever met people that is so different from you but so similar at the same time?

I never thought that's even possible. I thought that there's no one similar to me in any way. I have the weirdest way of thinking, the strangest sense of humor, the most cynical view of the world and I thought I was weird, strange and no one would understand my way of thinking. But then... I found them. In the oddest coincidence possible. I met my 'sinner family' as what we named our little gathering of four people. We are as different as it get.

I am the oldest and they call me 'mum'. Mum have two daughters and one son. Each children comes from different fathers as we like to pretend. Seeing how different we are from each other I think its the only reasonable excuse. Lol. One daughter is a dreamer and a romantic person. One daughter is a realistic and a romantic person. One son is a lonely and a romantic person. One mother is a childish and a romantic person. You see something in common? Lol.

You could say it something like a joke. A private joke between us.

I found my life becoming enriched by my new 'family'. Everything becomes new. Suddenly I found friends that speak my 'language'. They would understand as I would understand them. But somehow this image get stuck in my head. If I could draw, I would draw it for you to see and understand. But since I can't draw, I'll just try to explain it to you so you would understand.

There is this four people. They are standing in a cross road. Each road contains one person. We each standing in the middle of the street, standing still, facing each other. In this cross road, our life path crossed. This cross road is the net world. In some kind of destiny's joke, we found each other. As time goes by, one by one, they turn around to see the long road behind their back. They no longer look at one another and just stare at the long road that are behind them all this time.

And so one by one, they walk away. They walk away separately to each path that they have come before. One is leaving, the other one leaves too, the other one leaving too, and one remain still. There will be time when the one remaining will walk the path too. The cross road become empty. No one left behind.

But in my believe, people have a lot of this cross road in their life. They will meet another person and another and another. Destiny have it own ways of playing around. I hate goodbye. People say goodbye only when they do not wish to see the person they say goodbye to, ever again. Let's just say 'I'll see you when I see you'. Or maybe just a simple 'I'll see you later.'

The time will come for the four person to take their own path. Maybe now, maybe later. I don't know when, why or how. God have it's plan made out for each and everyone of us. That cross road is made not for just a joke. It meant something for us. It meant something for me. It's not a joke, it's a blessing NOT in disguise.

Whatever happen, I'm still going to be here.

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