Kamis, Februari 26, 2009


Remember as I was saying to just don't watch TV and to turn it off? Well, I guess the similar things are not only happening in Indonesia. It's also happening in Canada. The fake soap opera, I mean. Well, it's not likely to be called soap opera cos the producers made it to be a comedy. Sitcom perhaps. Yea, it's quite funny. I laughed at the ignorance of muslims and reflect it to the condition in my own country--which of course--are not the same. Indonesia have the largest population of muslims but not half of them is practicing. Including myself. But of course, let us not be judgmental since it's not our job to do so. It's Allah's (SWT) job. =D

Well, at least I've come to my senses and trying to be a good person, a good muslimah, a good daughter, a good sister and a good friend. And I'm doing all that--surprisingly--not to pleased anyone or to desperately trying to make people like me. I'm doing it because I want to and I found that when I'm spreading a positive energy, people would be drawn to me automatically. Unfortunately, I'm really just basically not a nice person (lol) so even though I'm trying hard to become a good person, I'm not necessarily becoming a nice person. Lol! Well, it's just because I have my own thing, my own space and my own mind. And if I want to keep a peace of mind, I will have to take care my own things first. Lol. -trying to make up excuses, as always-

Like what I was saying, in Canada there's a show called the "Little mosque on the prairie". I was so happy when I discovered it and I thought : Wow! A real genuine Muslim show. And its in a language that I understand (a bit). The stories is about life as a muslim community in the middle of the western community. How they have to secretly transform a warehouse to be an office and a mosque. At first I was in a "hooo... cool! Aaahhh... Hooo.. Lol!" (it's supposed to be funny. It's a sitcom!). I found it on this muslim website that is trying to duplicate myspace, friendster, youtube, facebook and a lot of network social website out there.

It was all funny, amusing, entertaining and (surprisingly) educating for me when I was watching the episodes. It's already on their third season since it started 2 years ago (Alhamdulillah for Internet). As I was started watching from the first episode to 4th episode, it was no probs at all. I loved it and I think it's great. Until I noticed that on episode 4 the story is about a new convert trying to be a good muslim (aside from his views that seems like a fanatic in western point of view) but everyone sees him to be a fanatic and annoying. Picture this : a new convert, just declare Islam as his new religion and instead of teaching him about Islam and the true content of Islam they were simply walking away and do their own business. Even the Imam of the mosque. He was catching up to a movie theater with a priest! A movie with a priest! Not to guide the new convert. WTF?!

That's when I started to swear during the entire episode. This particular episode really gets to my head. =(

And when this new convert say Allahu Akbar (Allah Maha Besar) he can't say it out loud and with enthusiasm too. The Imam actually stop him from doing that in a mosque!! (another WTF?!) When he said that he wants to eat halal food, I just realized that Fatima that own a diner doesn't even provide halal food. And they would tell him to go away instead of providing him some pumpkin pie that had no meat on it and some coffee where he won't be complaining about halal foods. And when he said that he wants to memorized the Qur'an there's a message that is saying "too much" "it's what fanatic does" "don't be so religious" I was like : woot?! A man, a new convert trying to be a good muslim and they were trying to get rid of this poor guy (which often say stuff like a future terrorist but when you think about it... who the heck on earth would talk like that?! These people that make it has gone wacko!). And how they are trying to shoosh this person away? By showing him a bad muslim side. The men would wear silk, show that they eat and drink haram stuff, the women would wear embarrassing outfit and one women even wear a wig (which has no different than showing your real hair, btw. Helllooooo??!) They turn on the music and partying. To get rid of the new convert! Like what Baba Ali would say : JOKE!!

It's a sitcom, I know. Why am I not laughing?

In the end, the convert leave Islam and becoming a christian. And they're okay with it and kinda relieved cos they wouldn't have to deal with him again and now he's becoming christian and the priest problem. WTF?! In the same episode, when the wife was trying to become a better muslim since she is a convert by trying to do the 5 time a day prayer, she was laughed by her daughter and husband! (again, another WTF?!) And when she prays, she doesn't take the wudhu first, she would just jump to the prayer mat (pink!) that her husband gave her, put on a scarf (she doesn't wear a hijab while her daughter wears it) and pray. Again, let us all choir : WTF?! She prays five times a day or 10 time a day? Why is she's praying on 14.30? It's not dhuhur and it's most likely not ashar. She prays in her boss office (stupid producers) and was like tired and not sleeping properly cos she have to pray all the time. Do you get the picture? The boss and the husband encourage her to stop praying all the time and she did stop and went to bingo (read it in a sarcastic kind of way) in a church.

I know the movie is made by majority of non-muslim and even the cast is non-muslim. The only muslim in the movie is the Imam and he doesn't even seem to be practicing Islam in the real life (wallahu alam). Just like the so-called-muslim-theme-TV-programs in Indonesia. Surprise?

I don't know if I would still be watching this show but again : Let's just turn off the TV, shall we?

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