Jumat, Februari 06, 2009

Something New

Ok. Here's something new. It's 11.02 AM and i'm discovering something new. I have decided to buy the denim clutch that uchan have chosen for me since I don't trust my own opinion (coz I have an old fashion taste for EVERYTHING which always make me look a lot older than I am, talking about vintage). So this clutch is only to play around with my outfit that include skirts (long, of course) and non jeans pants. I dunno, I think carrying denim clutch while still wearing jeans or denim material is a little too much. I thought it would be great to give it a little edge in my overall outfit.

Why am I so thinking about my appearance and overall look? Well, its definitely still concerning my problem about hijab the other day. There's nothing to be taking lightly about hijab and how to wear them according to the rules but in my honest opinion (IMHO) I want to make it a little more fun for me. I want to wear my hijab and other accesories that goes with it with a little more pride and dignity. Coz I dont want to stress out about it. Just take it easy and have fun with it.

My soon-to-be-clutch :

Well anyway, there's a newcomer in my blog which you can see for your self, my friend Jun. I hope she enjoy blogging coz I sure do.

Oh, and I wrap my hijab in a new way today coz I was planning to go with this style only in the office since I spent most of my time there and I can definitely do this wrap at night or in the afternoon (I'm planning to wear hijab full time). I would have never expected that I would go to the centre office with this kinda wrap on my head. I feel like everyone's watching and some even said that I look different today and want to take my picture. *hiks*

So instead, I took my own picture. LOL!

And the newest part of the day is the part when a co-worker just discovered how lame I am in work when I had 'accidently' deleted important file in my accounting program. Hey, it really was an accident! Lucky it can be fix in just a couple of minute by simply updating the system. Oh, THANK GOD!

And another thing : I dont think I can go home today. T.T *hiks* I have to do some overtime coz my boss promised that he'll finish the job on monday.. which is like ; are you hoping for some miracle to happen anytime soon or something?

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