Sabtu, Februari 07, 2009


Today is raining... just like yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, etc. It's raining EVERYDAY! Lol. Yeah, I know that. Itu gambar bukan diambil dari rumah gw, btw. Tadi gw berusaha untuk ngambil gambar dari depan rumah gw dan gw baru menyadari bahwa kamera hape yang masih VGA ga bisa nangkep titik-titik hujan biarpun dah close up. So, I go to google searching for Rain pic, and got a lot of Rain Bi the Korean singer/actor pic. Wrong keyword. Lol. So I go with 'raining' as the keyword and got a couple of nice pics. But since I'm talking about the weather in my area, I take the most representative.

So the internet is going very well today (and yesterday) mengingat minggu kemaren gw agak-agak frustasi sama inet gw yang on/off tiap beberapa menit dan gw berkali-kali restart hape cuma buat nangkep gprs yang percuma banget dan megangin hape non-stop cuma buat ngecek apakah hape gw udah bisa nangke gprs lagi atau ga. FYI, di rumah gw ga bisa nangkep 3G tapi di kantor bisa jadi klo di rumah gw ga bisa donlot atau ngapa2in kecuali blogging, chatting dan blogwalking. Which I did a lot lately. Beneran deh, keknya hampir setiap waktu kerjaan gw tuh cuma mantengin antara blog gw atau blog-blog yang gw subscribe. I am now officially a blogger. YEAY! I never thought that I would enjoy blogging so much. But I kinda bored with my current skin and really-really-really wanna change it. But since I'm so gaptek, I can't do it on my own. Can anyone help me?

Oh, and another thing, I like to blog in English now. Yeeaaayyy.. Why? I dunno. Lol. Maybe coz a lot of my blog subscribsion are in English too. They are in Canada, Australia, America, etc. Most of my blog subscribsion are my friends who enjoy blogging like me, or womens from around the globe, muslimah, and talking about their faith and hijabs in such a way that I could never would've think about. It's interesting to see whats going on in everyone else's head... and what they're wearing. Lol. Yeah, a lot of times they would talk about hijab fashion or mix and match to get a nice way of wearing hijab. I shouldn't be saying fashion coz it's not really a fashion but... yeah, I thought their blog is a lot of fun. And besides I want to practice my English.

I used to be so good in English u know? When I was little my mom surrounded me in English materials even if she didn't mean to. Like I only watch English programs on TV (with no SUBS!) coz when I was a kid, TV is new in Indonesia and they didn't produce their own TV programs at the time except for TVRI. And I found that my mom bought me so little to read but they're all in English! So I have no other alternative reading materials but to read those books in English all the time. Since I am a book worm. Lol. Anyway, I'm trying to get my English straight, and by reading their blog and writing one in English now and then, I hope my English would improve little by little. Let's just hope so, shall we? =)

Ok, so today plans are... let's see... Hmm... taking a bath (I haven't. Lol.) than go to the book rental to return my--two weeks late--book that I borrowed, blogwalking (ofcourse), watching TV, buy a couple of pins for my hijab (I almost forgot that), rent a movie? Humm.. cancel that one. No movies today coz I have to work tomorrow and I had my sleep. Looooonnngg sleep. Lol.

Next entry? Humm.. maybe when I think of something interesting to talk about.

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