Minggu, Februari 15, 2009

Who's watching?

So I was sitting in my boss car, next to the driver's seat coz my boss is driving and I'm the only one who is riding in his car. His car is pretty comfy but I don't like to chit chat, usually. Coz I'm usually sleepy when I am in a car or a bus. I prefer to go to sleep until arrival but it's not polite to my boss who is kind enough to give me a ride and give me my paycheck. Lol. So we talked in the car and we usually talk about stuff that he like. I prefer to give comment or just listen. When I talk it sounded like I'm preaching. Lol. It's so rude to do that to your boss so based on experience best to just shut up and give small comments if he talk.

So we chit chat a little and found this very ironic and laughable subject. We talk about the government and central government finance (since I work in a local government office). We talked about the difference of a president salary and a BUMN director. The difference is sooo huge that its almost ridiculous. When we were talking about it, we're talking about the institution that will watch over those BUMN like KPK or BPK. It's an independent institution build by the government to watch over them. To watch if there would be any violation made by them.

So we talked about it, and I don't have to remind you all who live in Indonesia about how rotten our national institution is. I know. I work there. I'm part of their system whether I want it or not. I'm officially trap without any exit. Ok, let's not talk about it or it will only remind me of my sins that keep piling up.

Right, we were talking about BPK and KPK and we were like : If they're watching us (the government) who will be watching them? My boss said : Malaikat Jibril. I was like : WAKAKAKA (ROFL). Coz, as we do know, the people is not accountable enough to watch over the KPK or BPK if they are not form in some sort of LSM. So they will have some kind of law foundation and can move the people if they discovered anything suspicious. But who's insuring that the LSM is not the extension of the head BPK or KPK?

Well, my boss respons was : Malaikat Jibril.
Me : ROFL!

Who's watching the people that's watching?

Let us all pray that people still have the conscience to do the right thing. For themselves, for their faith and for their country. Amin.

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