Selasa, Maret 03, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

Hoho..~ impacted by trend, I've decided to go along with the flow and write this current trend of writing 25 random facts about me from my facebook friends. As I read it, it get kinda interesting so I decided to write 25 random facts about myself even though I've not been tagged by anyone yet. Cos I think it's interesting and fun to do on my lunch-break-time.

Ok, so... 25 Random Facts About Me

1. I was hesitated once (or several times) about keeping my hijab/jilbab. I don't know. I thought while I'm still young, skinny and still look good in those westernized clothes, so why don't I give it a try? But I decided that I wouldn't do that. I discovered these cool blog sites as I was blog walking and I've been falling in love with them ever since. I feel these women from around the world (mostly converts) have the similar feelings about me and struggling with the same issues. Yet, they're stronger than me to conquer all obstacle and stick with their faith and hijabs. And I know that its not easy to wear hijab in the western country, but for their beliefs they'd just keep on doing it. For the love of Allah. You could see the blogs that inspired me through life and my struggle with hijab/jilbab in the blog rolls containing the blogs I stalked. Their passion for hijabs make me feel relieved that a person (any person) would have so much love for the hijab they're wearing.

2. When you read my blog or my facebook notes (well, I've imported this blog entry to my facebook notes so everyone can see *narcissistic mode MAX*) you would tell that I'm a very open person. Out spoken and sometimes talk without thinking. Lol. Well, the truth is... you don't know anything about me. You may think that I am outspoken and very open in my writings work but I usually don't talk to much to a person that I barely know and everything I wrote in this blog/facebook note is edited. =)

3. I barely smile to anyone. I could smile to myself in front of the mirror.... but its just me being narcissistic. =)

4. I'm currently broke. :'( But I guess all of you already know that by now. Lol. Yea, I'm not very good on handling money. Just like the rest of my family. Lol!

5. I hate my job for a certain reason but I love it too for a certain reason.

6. I haven't graduated college *yet*.

7. I have two net friend community from and whom I really love. Lol. Well, I do... =))

8. My sister, Uchan and Jun have given me this cute birthday present : a purple wrap cardigan.
Well, yeaa... not that long, but pretty modest and chic at the same time (if that even possible. Lol.) I love the fabric. Even Uchan said she love the fabric.

9. I love dark chocolate. And ice cream! I can't decide which is my most favorite. Cos I love 'em both!

10. I've decided to take a step further in my mature behavior to be more religious so help me God. =)

11. My closet is full with black, white, gray, green and red influence color outfits. A little bit of blue but we all have blue in our closets. Just check out your jeans collection. Lol.

12. My hair is so thin while just a few years back, it was so thick, I hate my clump of hair cos its so damn hot! Now I want it back. *hiks*

13. I'm really quiet if you just know me and there's no guarantee that you'll find me as a talkative person if I don't find you as an interesting person in any way.

14. I'm avoiding wearing pants now since I read this entry from Miss Angela in her blog.

15. Currently I'm hating all these acne that is breeding in my face. Damn it! My face looks dirty!

16. Right now, I'm supposed to be working but instead, I'm blogging with passion. Lol.

17. My flip-flops is broken and I don't have any money to buy another one. So I'm just gonna have to go around the office barefoot (nyeker) since I hate wearing shoes in the office.

18. I hate my office AC. It's FREEZING! Alhamdulillah I brought jackets with me.

19. Why is this damn list is so long?! Ok, I love contradicted stuff. Irony or anything close to that, I would fall in love instantly. Maybe cos I'm a contradiction person myself? Who knows?! Lol.

20. I'm dying to buy a new slipper to wear for a casual walk at the park--or a comfortable flat shoes. Anything in between, but both would be nice. =)

21. My wage is so tiny its below the minimum standard. But I'm not complaining. =)

22. I am 165 cm but an expatriate would think that I'm only 160. Oh, well. At least I'm at an average height. Even if there's so many male here in Indonesia that could barely reach my height. :-"

23. I hate it when I wear a proper hijab but men would still be hittin on me. What, are you blind? I'm a decent girl here!

24. I hate numbers. I don't know why I work in finance of all work fields!!

25. My real name is so common, everywhere I go, I'll found someone who have the same name as I am. =_=

Astaganagaaaa... This list is so long!

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Asha mengatakan...

Salaam dear sister,

@1: Alhamdullilah! Keep your hijaab on no matter what people say yea? ;)

@23: Maybe it is because you are very pretty? Haha, time to wear a niqaab! Was just joking ;)

@24: How can you not like numbers? Haha, I LOVE THEM!

Rere mengatakan...

Waalaikumsalam, Miss Asha

Thank you sist. :)

yea, I was thinking of wearing it for the sake of some peace. Lol. Dunno. My mom would probably freak out, lol.

You would if you have to work in finance and all you see everyday is numbers. Lol.