Kamis, Maret 05, 2009

Abaya = Gamis

Okay, when I first started to write this blog, I was meaning to tell you that in Indonesia, women that wear an abaya or as we said here 'a gamis', is usually women who's married and have kids. They would usually wear abaya and hold their kids hand as they're going to cross the street or going to some places. And let me tell you that in Indonesia, although the hijab/jilbab trends is very influenced from the Gulf fashion trends, but it usually have a LOT of colors in it.

Indonesian people love colors. And matching colors to be exact. It means that whatever you wear from head to toe have to be in matching colors. If you buy an abaya or some long sleeve top, or a long skirt with a specific color, they would instantly hunt a matching scarf for hijab/jilbab. I've seen this in several of my friends but don't really quite get it till today. I mean, I don't always wear matching scarf with everything I wear. Just basics. Black, white, dark blue and gray.

Well, abaya/gamis is identical to married woman. We, as single women, no matter how religious we are, in the age between 15-25 would prefer a two piece of clothing. Like a loose long sleeve top and a long skirt/pants. I've never met a girl (single, not married, no kids) in the age range of 15-25 who wears abaya/gamis as her daily outfit. Maybe I just haven't met them yet but I'm sure it's pretty rare. I'm not the kind of girl that would wear abaya/gamis myself, but when I was googling for abaya/gamis trends in Indonesia, I found that. I'm in love. I'm gonna get number 2 and 3 whenever I got a chance (and money).

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Hijabi Apprentice mengatakan...

I'm married with a baby but I don't like to wear abaya/gamis everyday either. I usually wear them to the masjid but I like to wear 2 piece outfits the most.

My favorite outfit is actually the Indonesian style skirt suit. I have 3 of them that I got from alsundus.com and she doesn't have anymore :(. I swear they could be my everyday apparel.

ma'a salaamah,


grosir gamis mengatakan...

cara pesannya gimana ya?
grosir gamis

gamis tanah abang mengatakan...

jika saya berminat jadi agen gimana caranya ya?

grosir gamis