Rabu, Maret 04, 2009

Sleepless Night

Big plans for today. My boss just given me the assignment to go around and ask for the autograph... of Indonesian artist. Not. Lol. It's for some document mambo jumbo. You don't wanna know. :P

You know what, my dark circles under the eyes are usually so thick you would think that I'm in my early 30's when actually I'm still in my 20-something. A guy actually said that he think I'm 30 cos I look so tired and old. Well, he didn't tell me the reason why he guess I'm 30 cos he was guessing my age in a one sided conversation--considering I really don't wanna talk to him and he just keep on talking and don't even care that last night I wasn't even looking at him when I was answering his never ending questions.

Yeaaa... so I guess I do look old and tired. Well, its cos I am tired! What, are you kidding me? I go to sleep at 11 AM or 12 AM almost every single night. Getting up at fajr to pray is really hard work when you're not even sleeping well last night. You could say that I didn't get enough sleep for the past couple of days. In fact, I didn't get enough sleep like... ever! That's why I have this HUGE dark circles below my eyes. Nice.

I think sleeping is a very important part of life. To rest your body and soul and to not force it until it reach the limit. Pushing harder and harder just to know where your limit are, and ending up sleeping in the hospital bedroom. Lol. So last night as I was too sleepy to talk to the guy, when my Yahoo Messenger got hang (damn it!) I decided to turn it off, shut down the computer, say good night to the guy (that I don't like at all but still have to be polite) and go to sleep. At 9 AM.

The next morning I get up for fajr pray with no difficulties at all. I get up feeling fresh, early rising, chat with God (I'm not kidding!), and text a couple of my early rising friends. When I finished my shower just an hour ago, I noticed something. You know what? My dark circles are all gone! My face looks very fresh and the eyes doesn't look so sleepy and down like an Indian girl. (no offense, just kidding around)

That and the planning of a busy day ahead make me feel that... this day is gonna be okay. =)

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