Rabu, Maret 11, 2009

Childhood Memories

Hmm... I wonder. Why do the TV today rarely shows anything that is appropriate as the age content. I mean, I've hardly seen any TV shows or channel that display children songs and people would actually watch! In Indonesia, almost everything is in mature content even though it's labeled for every age or parental guidance. I mean, children are not supposed to listen to grown up music and watch soap opera (sinetron). But it's what going on in the society these days. They don't give their children the right to enjoy their childhood with children content watchable material. We have to buy DVD or get a cable channel just so we can show decent TV programs with children age range... and it's kinda pricey if you know what I mean.

I remember my childhood is filled with wonderful TV programs that fitted my age. When I was growing up, the local TV channel haven't able to make their own TV programs so they imported the TV programs from the US. Like sesame street, shirley temple's movie, and education programs from TPI (yes, people. TPI used to show programs that fit the name 'Televisi Pendidikan Indonesia', but now it's more like it if they change the name to TPMI stands for 'Televisi Pendidikan Mistik Indonesia').

So when I was watching my daily youtube today, I search for Shirley Temple's movie and found a few clips about songs that she sings in the movie. I was soooo ecstatic. I LOVE Shirley Temple. I've always has been and always will be in love with Shirley Temple. The miracle of video's and movies is that there will still be someone ripped some episode or parts off from a DVD collection and share it in youtube. Lol.

I can recall most of her movie and the song that still stuck in my head until today is "Baby take a bow". I can't remember it was from what movie or even the story of the movie but I can still remember exactly how this little girl move, she tapped dance all the way, and singing in her cute little voice and I am like "oooohhh". I was a little girl when I saw the movie but I know that if someday I'm gonna have kids, I wanna have a kid just like her with her cute curly hair. Even now I'm drooling cos she's just too damn cute!

Here's one of the Shirley Temple video's that I watch today.

Isn't she's the cutest? <3

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