Kamis, Maret 05, 2009

do you really need it?

Do you really need to date so many boys just to have someone call you beautiful and 'ILU'?
Do you really need to be praised by so many people just to acknowledge that you're talented?
Do you really need to have a lot of people around you so you could feel less alone?
Do you really need to wear make up and tight clothes just so someone (anyone) to look at you and notice your existence?
Do you really feel that when you're alone that you're really alone?

Well, ladies and gentleman,

When you have humbleness in your heart, you don't want someone to call you beautiful because you know that you're beautiful (well, yeaa!! what kind of girl are you if you're told that you're "handsome") and told you that he/she love you when you know that no one love you more than Allah (SWT).

When you notice that you don't like being criticized and only accept praised, that's when you started to be an arrogant person. If you have humbleness in your heart, you'll know that praised is a test from Allah, cos everyone is better than you in some field area and only Allah (SWT) know everything and anything and Allah (SWT) invented everything you see, touch, smell and feel.

When you need a lot of people around you so you would feel less alone, you would soon realized that these people are not exactly calling you 'friend'. Just because they're around you doesn't make them care more about you as your family and Allah (SWT) does. If you have humbleness in your heart, you will always be there and care for your friends and they would think of you as a real friend.

When you need all that make up and tight clothes to cover your real face and figure, you're trying to change who you are so you would 'fit' in and people would notice you, that you exist in this world. If you have humbleness in your heart, you would feel ashamed if people get distracted because of your presence. Because if you feel the presence of Allah (SWT) you won't need any attention from boys cos their intention are never pure and Allah (SWT) know every intention you have and always watching you 24/7.

Do you honestly believe that when you're alone, you're actually alone?
News flash : if you really want to know, there's a lot of angel that always look at you for 24/7 to record everything you do, angels sit around you praying for you for the kindness of their heart and that Allah is closer to you than your veins. Never feel alone, cos you're never alone in the first place.

Never count on a person, a human to make you feel better about yourself. They're just humans with all their mistakes.

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