Selasa, Maret 31, 2009

Do you really wanna know?

Do you wanna know something? I don't like you.

Yes, I don't like you. I dunno if you know if I don't like you but I sure know that I don't like you. I don't like you cos you don't have any respect whatsoever to me. You talk nonsense and talk to me like I'm a fifth grader. I don't like you cos you make fun of me behind my back. I don't like you cos you sucks! So negative and never supportive. Always talking sh*t and pretend that you're so cute. News flash : In your age, you're not cute! NO, you're NOT.

Blah! I hate you so much, I don't know that I could hate someone that much.

I hate the internet right now more than ever. I hate Y!M. I hate plurk. I hate blog. I hate forums. I still heart the free downloads sites though. But I hate the rest.

You know, I don't mind working with you. I just don't like your personality. I can work with you if you give me the trust to finish my job and say thank you in return. Cos you're not exactly paying me to do this and that. Keep that in mind cos you know what I'm saying.

So you don't trust me enough to let me do stuff than its fine! It's not like I'm able to do whatever you want me to do right away cos I'm busy working. But a little trust would be nice. A simple "please" would be nice. "Thank you" would be nice. Anything that is consider polite would be nice.

It's the networld, dude. Use the emote! Its seems to be the only way that you would look like you're enjoying our chat.

You're not my friend. You were never my friend. I don't like you and never will be, I guess. I can still work with you with the condition that you would at least try to be nice and not laughing at me behind my back. Oh, you think that you're already a nice person? Think again. I hate you cos you're definitely not a nice person.

If you're feelin' this post.... I don't blame you. Just start your self-pity. Not that I care.

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