Jumat, Maret 27, 2009


Yeah, i'm not really on a good mood right now. I was in a good mood this morning but it drop to several degree when i found out that my sister's mad at me. I dunno why she's mad at me or to think that she's mad at me for some reason made the rest of my day sucks. My mood just dropped and everything and everyone becomes totally annoying. Do i have to hide from the world just so i wont lash out to an innocent person who didn't do anything wrong except for showing up in front of my face!

I hate confrontation. I hate direct confrontation. I hate having bad mood bcos of it. I hate being the one to blame. I hate having to reconsile everything. I hate that i have to keep my mouth shut and my feelings wraped up inside. I hate having an argument with my sister... Or anyone.

Ok, so i'm a loser? I'm lame and not so independent and strong like what i represent from the out side? Yes i am. I'm so not in the mood and my sister's coming home in an hour. :|

I hate being sour.

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