Rabu, Maret 04, 2009


Hi everyone, it's me again, Parasite # 3.

I want to talk about one Japanese Rock Band that I love. X Japan. Maybe some of you already know them, then again, maybe not.

This band were huge in the 80's and early 90's. In the 80's they were all about hard rock, with over the top hair do, make up, stage, etc, etc...
Entering the 90's, they toned down a bit their hairstyle and make up, but not leaving it. For people who don't like loud music they also have a series of heartbreaking, sad, depressing ballads that is actually quite nice, according to me.

They disbanned on 1997 when the vocalist (Toshi) decided to retire from the spotlight. Later that year their lead guitarist (Hide) were found dead on his appartment, some people said it was an accident, some people said he committed suicide, the mystery remains. Yoshiki, band leader/drum/piano said that there wouldn't be an X Japan reunion after Hide's death.

Move on.

Year 2009. I just found out this week that they will perform on March 21-22 in Seoul following their concert in Hongkong on January 16. I can only wish I can go there. This morning I discover an official site for X Japan concert in Seoul. It was all in Korean. But the site was awsome, they even have video footage from their concert in Tokyo on March 2008 and a music video from the SAW 4 movie soundtrack.

I saw their concert footage and they were like THEM. Yoshiki still have this drumset smashing action going on the stage. It was still the same. Only this time there were no Hide. Sugizo OF Luna sea replaced Hide's place as 2nd guitar player, but Hide is still everywhere on the stage, on the super huge monitor, on the holographic projection on the stage, yeah, they're BACK!

Boy, I missed them. I have a history with them. I knew them when I was writing my final thesis for college, I was so depressed at that time, don't know what to do, can't write anything, time's ticking, uncooperative professor, just so depressed. I used to listened to their songs over and over again in one day and cry each time the ballads played. I was depressed and listening to their sad depressed songs 24/7.

Who knew? it helped me. I didn't realize then that by listening to their depressed songs helped me to let the emotions that I'm feeling out. I was so depressed I became unable to share, expressed, let my emotions out. I feel like crying, but there was a part of me that said, don't waste your time crying, you must write your thesis. Their songs helped me to express my emotions and allow myself to cry and after crying myself to sleep almost everynight, I found that I felt lighter in the morning, felt fresh and ready to face the day, eventhough I would feel depressed again by night because after consulting with my professors about the thesis, I still can't write. But their songs kept me going.

Anyway, it's nice to see them again after a long time. They also have a schedule to perform in Bangkok, the closest I can get to them.

I just Love X Japan.