Senin, Maret 02, 2009

A peace of mind

I'm sure all of you agree how hard it is to get a peace of mind. people would go to a certain extent to find a simple peace of mind. It's hard to get cos a human will just never feel content with themselves. You're never satisfied with everything you have and everyone around you. People would pray non-stop, meditate, go to a physiologic, jump of a cliff (Bungee jumping, I mean. Lol.), hike the mountain, go overseas, etc. And to the extreme. You would see people do the strangest things just to get this simple thing : a peace of mind. When you found it, the world suddenly become pretty again. Life became worth living and you can see all the colors in the world cos all of the sudden : the world is no longer black and white. You can smile with no burden cos it come from your heart.

Its hard for me to find a peace of mind but alhamdulillah, Allah would give that precious peace inside my head. I can tell you one thing : suddenly I don't hate my job anymore. But of course I'm still thinking about getting a new job or move to another place far far away where they would still have 3G for my Internet connection. Lol.

I don't hate my job anymore cos I feel appreciated by everyone at work today. Maybe cos I'm so diligent today. No prob for me, though. I am tired (a lot!) cos of today's work both on real life an net world. But I'm so proud of myself to pull out the best of me. Oh, and I did my own laundry start from two days ago. Now no one will ever touch my clothes without my permission. Hohoho~ *evil laugh for a silly small thing*

All and all, I feel like I have taken over my life.

Walk the walk, right?

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