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Praying Spot.

I'm a Muslim, and as Muslim, I have to pray 5 times a day (which is *very* hard, trust me). It's supposed to be easy, they said, if you are at home and you're sitting right in front of a clock and next to your house is a small mosque that the people say "musholla" or a praying spot with a speaker screaming Adzan when the time comes, but the fact is, for me, I would feel too lazy to get up of my comfy chair, warm TV and cozy laptop complete with Internet connection.

I'd feel more aware on praying time when I'm in the streets, mall or office building cos I'm more conscious about time when I'm out of the house. I'd look at my watch and get panic thinking : "OMG, it's so late, I'm gonna miss Ashar/Dhuhur/Maghrib,"

So when that happens, I just go to the nearest musholla. In Indonesia, with 90% population are Muslim, all the office buildings, mall and corner of the street is full packed with musholla or mosque. You could say there's no reason for us, Muslims, to not pray when the time comes.

Of course every musholla in each place is different. You would assume that a more fancier place, the musholla will become even more fancy and cozy. Yeah, you got that right. Some fancy mall have a very tiny uncomfortable musholla that is stuck in the middle of a parking lot where the customer would pray together with the people who's working in the building and some... is just too cool for words. It's a high class musholla in a high class mall, with a pretty receptionist who would take your bags and shoes and give you a prayer outfit ("mukena" as we say it here). Like I said, 90% of the population is Muslim. I grab the pictures from Kang Bayu's blog at multiply. Here's a few for a sneak peak.

Musholla Review: Ratu Prabu 2, TB Simatupang. (Office building Musholla)

Musholla: Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta Barat

Musholla: Pondok Indah Mall 2

Musholla: Plaza Senayan, Jakarta Selatan

Musholla: Blok M Plaza, Jakarta Selatan

Musholla: Plaza Semanggi (Plangi)

Musholla: Mal Ambassador

Musholla: Bandung Super Mall (BSM), Bandung

Musholla: Mall Puri Indah, Jakarta Barat

Kang Bayu's Review :

A. Good and Appropriate:

+ Plaza Indonesia - 4 Star (2008)
+ Plaza Senayan - 4 Star
+ Pondok Indah Mall 2 - 3.5 Star, update (new! -- 0604)
+ Mall Kelapa Gading - 3.5 Star
+ Plaza Semanggi - 3.5 Star
+ Cilandak Town Square - 3 Star
+ Pasaraya Blok M - 2 + 3 Star
+ Plaza Indonesia - 3 Star
+ eX - 3 Star
+ Mal Cijantung - between 3 or 4 Star - by Laura
+ Mushola Super Mall Karawaci (Tgr) - 3 Star - by Hayat

+ Jakarta City Center (Tanah Abang, under construction) - 4 Star

B. Pretty good:

+ Blok M Plaza - 2.5 Star
+ Pondok Indah Mall 1 - 2 Star
+ Carrefour Lebak Bulus - 2 Star
+ BSM (Bdg) - 2.5 Star
+ Gramedia Mereka (Bdg) - 2 Star

C. Not so good:

+ Mall Ambassador - 1.5 Star
+ Mall Ciputra - 1.5 Star - 2004
+ Mall Puri Indah - 1 Star


An expatriate boss talking to his native employee when he sees some people praying between boxes in the warehouse of his office building :

"What are they doing?"
"Sholat sir, praying to God"
"In THAT dirty room?"
"Well... yes sir, it's the only space available"
"My God, how can they work well if to face God they have to do it in such a space?"

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