Rabu, Maret 04, 2009


Oh, GOD! I'm so tired today. It's the end of today's office hour but I have so much to do I have to work overtime... AGAIN! Astaghfirullah, God give me strength. *hiks*

I wonder if I can sneak some sleep later after Ashar. I hope. *sigh*

Well, right now, as I'm waiting for some file to finish transfer, I'm a little bit curious about polyvore that a lot of people use to picture the fashion clothes that their thinking in their blog/website. I tried it once, with a total disaster and showing how much I have a bad sense of fashion. But, I'll try it again this time.

Tell me what you think.

Peachy Peach
Peachy Peach - by rere_chan on Polyvore.com

Two piece of a Maxy dress and a dark jacket. So cool. I want it. =)

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