Senin, April 06, 2009

What I want to look like.

Someday, I want to look like this :

Guess which one, the one in the right or the left?

Na-ah, I'm just kidding. Lol.

So I'm back at the hijab hunting scene, but only for fun. You know, I don't take it that seriously, I mean, hijab/jilbab is a serious matter but if you already wear it, than the next step is to perfect it step by step--not to fuss about what other women is wearing (or not wearing in this case). Allah gives hidayah to the people that Allah wants. So ladies, really, don't give a fuss about it. Lol.

I found this really cool sites from a muslimah forum (women only forum) that I followed recently and I stumbled upon this utterly cute clothing that someday I want to wear.

Don't they look drop dead gorgeous???!!! Ok, I over-reacted a little bit. Lol. But I like them sooo much. It's so adorable and cute, MasyaAllah! Someday I want to wear it. I want to wear a cute abaya too. =)

Well, maybe if I got married (somehow) cos right now my parents are being a pain for me just cos I'm starting to wear skirts instead of skinny jeans. I want to wear skirts and those pretty abaya. I don't care if people looking at me and ask me where are my kids at (stereotype that abaya is for mothers with babies and children on one hand and stroller in another). I just want to wear those pretty abaya~

Huhuhu.. I'm talking nonsense again...

2 komentar:

Asha mengatakan...

MasyaAllah!! I love those abayas... they are all so pretty :) I want some too!! hehe..

Anyway, good to know that you are starting to improve on your dressing :) You go girl! I will give you cyber-support if you need hehe


Rere mengatakan...

Yea, they look so adorable I want to eat them up. LOL!

Thank you, Asha -big hug-