Minggu, Mei 03, 2009


I was visiting Miss Enep's blog, just blogwalking actually, when I discovered that her blog is really enchanting. It captured me and I can't stop reading all her posts. It's filled with beautiful pictures and deep words. Here's one that really got me.

Hope you like it the way that I like it too. =)


No more nightmares
I’m here at your care. No more night scares I’m here to help you bear. Twinkle twinkle little star, How I wonder where you are. In your home, in the car,
It don’t matter, you’re my star.
You should sleep, Count the sheep. One, two, three, You’re asleep. I’d like to call you my boo.
What I’ll say, what I’ll do.
In seconds, one two,
I love you.

Taken from her post.

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hihi, thank you :--D