Selasa, Mei 05, 2009


Waiting is boring.

I'm currently waiting for a couple of my downloads to finished right now... and since I have nothing else to do besides sleep, I figured I'll just do what I always do when I have a computer with an internet connection in front of me and clueless on what to browse : blog.

If you're wondering what I'm downloading right now, no need to confuse. Nothing important just an episode of Family Outing to finish before I end the night with another episode of Family Outing to download. Lol. Yea, you could say I'm kinda addicted with that Korean Variety Show. Hey, blame my sister for poisoning me with Korean Variety Show. It started with a simple episode of Xman and now I'm addicted with one Variety Show called Family Outing. I wanna explain to you all what my addiction is but I'm too lazy and its kinda late (9.48 PM) so... maybe on another post.

Yea, I know some of you is kinda in shock right now. I'm sleepy already at 9.48 PM?!! What the world has become? Well, while listening a Shinee (korean boyband) album in the background from my winamp player, I am--surprisingly--sleepy right now. Nothing else to do but to wait till this episode to finished, transferred it to my (office) laptop, and continue with the other episode that I want to download (and hopefully it will finish in the morning). I'm not planning to watch the video that I'm downloading right now, maybe tomorrow..

So.. what to talk about.. hmm...

Ah, yea! Miss P#3 just emailed me this afternoon saying that she read my resent post about the quotation of the definition of introvert that I take from Miss Putri's blog. She--who always said that she's weird in so many ways--said that she feel so connected with it. She asked me if she's weird seeing that people/humans are social creature who need another humans to live. Well, from the way I see it, I can say that I do feel a lot more comfortable with myself when I'm all by myself in my room, watching a video or just laying around in my bed reading or just listening to some music.

It's not that I don't need anyone else around me. I do need people around me. Especially to remind me when its time to eat or sleep or pray or live like a normal human being. Lol. I just feel whole and at peace when I'm all alone, deciding things all by myself, being proud or concern about myself and have deep thought about things around me. It's nothing really, just a feeling of content about myself. But only when I'm alone I can feel this kind of feeling. I'm not kidding when I say that sometimes I feel irritated when I met someone while I'm enjoying my 'me' time or when I have to go to work and meeting people at work or just at home and meeting the people at my house can be really irritating. Not cos they're irritating, but cos I feel distracted by their presence.

Now... am I weird?

The funny thing about all this is that... I'm really enjoying myself right now. I don't need anything, I don't want anything. I just want to be alone with myself. And I'll be alright.

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Simply. Simply. Deeply. mengatakan...

FO IS FREAKING FUNNY!!! gw sampe ngoleksi semua episod. sampe cengo sendiri waktu ga ada subnya ==a

tentang introvert, well, i kinda an introvert girl. and i am enjoying myself. but somehow... really deep inside my heart, i eagerly need someone to lay on too...

well. every person is different. :)