Jumat, Mei 01, 2009


Ok, initially I wanna write something last night. That's why I forced myself to get up and turn on the laptop. But now, just when I finished adding Miss Putri's blog at the list of the people that I stalk, I can't remember what was it that I'm gonna write. Oh, this is so annoying. Future Alzheimer. Yup, that's me. (*- -)(*_ _)

Ugh, I have to take a shower in like 7 minutes and I still don't know what to write. All I'm thinking right now is that I really should put on some more weight to my skinny body. Suddenly my standards has changed. From early age, I hate it when my stomach is fat, just like my dad's huge tummy. I hate when I have flips in my arms and that my cheek should be just like those super models. But now... I look like a third world country civilians. If I had a big stomach with my petit looks, I would look like......... busung lapar. ミ(ノ;_ _)ノ=3

Oh, and I hate acne's too. I hate if I had acne when I was little and I don't like looking at people with acne cos then I would stare at them. But now, my cheek is full of them, and guess what? I kinda like it. I don't think my whole face is changing just because I had acne's, in the contrary, I think I look cuter with acne's. My face look alive to me. And I still think I look pretty with or without acne's. *wink* (^_-)-☆

I feel like I'm degrading right now for some personal reasons. I dunno what to do with myself. I'm willing to work, just not that one. I really hate that one. Ok, you guys don't know what I'm blabbering but I'm not gonna explain so moving on...

Oh! Today is the big day. Can someone pray for me today? Please? Anyone? If you're reading this blog, this post then you must pray for even if you don't know what the hell am I talking about. o(>< )o o( ><)o I just need your pray cos today..... is the day. Of what? Well, I don't wanna jinx it. If it happens I'll write it in my blog and plurk ASAP. Wish me luck, guys!

Ps : Miss P#3, kalau mau komen di komen box please. =)) Repotnya sama aja kek ngetik verifikasi angka di oggix shout box. (*^-゚)v

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Zhoma's Online Diary mengatakan...

oh, weird. i think i am similar with you. petite body with the busung lapar performance and acne (myself full of acnes) that will make my face becoming brighter than before (is it because of the red?)