Senin, Juli 27, 2009


You know what so funny about life? When you realize that someone you just met a few minutes ago apparently knows you better than your parents and your long life friends. It happened to me a few month ago when a tarot reader reads me and said some things that make me in awe.

It's pretty remarkable, I say. She knows that I'm not as strong as my appearance... and she's right.

Pagi ini saat gw melamun di bus mendengarkan musik dari HP, gw memikirkan kata-kata si peramal tarot dan tiba-tiba gw menyadari, betapa lemahnya gw. I'm so damn weak, it's frustrating. Do you know that I can't say 'NO' to people? Do you know that I'm so easy to be used and mistreated? Do you know that I'm just an inch close from being a loser? Why do you think my shell is so thick?

I wish I could be stronger for myself. :'(

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