Senin, Agustus 24, 2009

3rd day of fasting

Yes, its the 3rd day of fasting and I can't say that i'm improving in my religious life whatsoever. I've just realized that fasting is making me hungry just now, considering I hardly ate anything even on a normal day (oops, don't say anything to my mom). I'm at the office right now, living a normal fasting life at the office as usual and while downloading a couple of videos, I'm currently searching for some recommended books, for fun. I haven't read a full book in ages and I don't have the money to buy a book for ages too. So, even just looking at this books, making me feel that someday.. YES! SOMEDAY... I'll buy those books that I've been wanting to read desperately.

Here's some recommendation from

1. The Hunt for Atlantis - Andy McDermott
2. Remember me? - Sophie Kinsella
3. My Boss My Enemy - Windy A. Tumurang

Oh, well. Segitu aja dulu kali ya. Ada yang bisa rekomendasiin lagi ke gw? Chicklit would be preferable.

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