Sabtu, Agustus 29, 2009

my teachers

Tadi sebelum ke warnet gw ketemu dengan guru-guru gw di SMA. Kebetulan gw harus ke sana beberapa kali karena harus mengurus legalisir STTB. To my surprise, one of the teachers recognize me right away. He's my math teacher at 3rd grade. He's a really good teacher. Really nice and never shout nor yell even once. I'm so impress that he recognize me at once even though its been years since I graduate and I don't even remember his name. But he actually remember my name... I feel overwhelmed by it, gratitude, and even brought tears to my eyes. After I finish my business there, I shake his hand, determined that I'm gonna write a blog about it and walk outside. When I reach the highway, another teacher was stepping out of his car and I could recognize the man right away, he is my sport teacher, pak Agus, he is waving to me and calling my name. Oh! I can't believe it. He actually was calling my name. And I was wearing a head cover, when I was still in that school even though I don't dress all smexy [(c) yesa] but I don't wear a head cover either.

I mean, I was only a quiet kid who is a real nerd but quite popular among the teachers for god knows what reason. Well, all I can say is that I'm move by it. I'm really grateful to enter the school that I once call the shitty hole for loser. But I guess I'm wrong and now... I can't be even more grateful to enter a school where the teachers really appreciate the students and able to remember their faces and names even years after they had graduate.

In my memory the most vivid one was my math teachers. From the first to the third I have the best math teacher a girl could ask. I think that's why I choose science as my major even though I have no real interest/talent in science. Even my IQ test suggest that I take either language or social major rather than science. I really like math cause over my years at school whether its in elementary school until high school I had like the best math teachers ever. They're the best teachers I ever had.

I'm graduation 2002 of SMU Negeri 1 Parungkuda. :D

Thank you, Lord, for giving me the best teacher in my harsh time at school. At least I'd have something to be thankful of for my years at school.

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