Sabtu, November 28, 2009

Whassup World?

You know something? Sometimes i feel disconnected. I don't get what they're talking about but somehow i don't really want to know what they're talking about. I never think of myself as a diligent person, a good writer, a creative designer, etc. I am just someone who do it for fun, and somehow, tried to fit in at some point in the journey.

Oh, well. It was fun and all but i just don't have any interest about it anymore. Who would blame me? I know more than a few people who feel the same way as i am. But no biggy. I found a couple of great friends from it. I like em sooo much, i don't have a problem with their roaming conversation or weird behaviour and not so cut out with the way i think cos of the age gap and all. No problem at all. =]

Kamis, November 26, 2009

Interview My RP Characters

1) [s]Pick one of your FCs/OCs[/s]---CORET! Gue akan pilih tiga sekaligus!! >3
2) Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your FC/OC
3) Tag people at the end of the quiz
4) tag back people that tag you

I'll interview Lamanda Worthington (RIP) My Favorite chara. <3

1) What's your name?
Lamanda :3

2) Do you know why you were named that?
I don't know.

3) Are you single or taken?

4) Have any abilities or powers?
Lamanda collects eyeballs!

5) Stop being a Mary-sue.
My doll name is Marie, just  Marie, not Mary-sue!

6) Uh...if you were to get in a fight with a strong wrestler, do you think you'd win?
Why would anyone wants to hurt Lamanda? *hiks*

7) Riiiight... Have any family members?
My Parents and... Frap!

8) Oh? How about pets?
Lamanda have a couple of baby scorpions at home. :3

9) Cool, I guess. Tell me something that you don't like.
Lamanda don't like scary people...

10) Something that you do like?
My doll... and Frap!

11) Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
Lamanda like to play with Marie *points at the porcelain doll*

12) Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
Why would Lamanda hurt anyone? *shivers*

13) Ever... Killed anyone before?
*eyes getting bigger*

14) What kind of animal are you?
Lamanda want to be a doll!

15) Name your worst habits.
Lamanda don't have a bad habit at all!

16) Do you look up to anyone at all?

17) Gay, straight, or bi?
What's a bi?

18) Do you go to school?
Lamanda want to stay home!

19) Ever wanna marry and have kids one day?
what's marriage?

20) Do you have any fangirls/fanboys?
Lamanda wants that candy!

21) What are you most afraid of?

22) What color is your hair?

23) Eyes?
Red. No, green! But Lamanda want red eyes!

24) What do you usually wear?
A dress.

25) What's your religion?

26) Do you wish this quiz is over?
Yes. Lamanda want to play.

27) Well, it's still not over.

28) Anyways, where do you live?
Worthington palace.

29) What class are you? (Low class, middle class, high class)?

30) How many friends do you have?

31) If you could change anything about you, what would you change?
I want red eyes! And Frap!

33) What is your thoughts on pie?
Lamanda loves Pie!

34.) Alright. What's your favorite food?
Apple pie

35.) Favorite drink?
Sweet tea.

36.) What is your favorite place?
Near Frap.

37.) Least favorite?
Lamanda don't like scary people.

38.) Are you still wanting the quiz to end?

Tagged from Sari. Oh, how much I miss Lamanda. =[


Goodbye sunshine.
Goodbye clouds.
Goodbye moonlight.
Goodbye stars.
Goodbye sky.

I just got myself a blackberry.

Wish me NOT get hit by a bus!! =]

Selasa, November 24, 2009

Thank God for Blackberry

People these days doesn't look up, nor straight ahead. They look down to their Blackberry.

Gimme one.

Rabu, November 18, 2009

Chocolate with dilema

So yesterday as i was heading back home from work, my route was to hitch hike one of my co-workers car and then ride another car to get home. This car is a public transportation called 'angkot' *halah, apaan sih*. Well, yesterday, as i was waiting for the angkot to go and drive since the driver is waiting waaay to long for another passanger to come and filled the angkot, suddenly i was craving for some chocolate! Silverqueen's chunky bar, to be exact! It's yummy! And my cell had no pulsa (what the hell is the english for pulsa?!)!

So i get out of the angkot, get in to a mini market (it was raining) and get myself a nice small piece of silverqueen's chunkybar (i was broke!). And i also get some pulsa (?) for my cellphone.

Anyway, long story short, i get inside a new angkot cos the old one is still waiting for passangers, there was this pretty lady inside wearing a peach hijab and a long brown dress (i kinda forget what its called). We trade looks with each other for a second, thin smile, then back with our own business. There was just the two of us in the car. I want to eat my chocolate so i opened it and munch it right away. Its manner to offer the other person who is not eating to share the food that we're eating and i was constantly looking at her, waiting for my mouth to spit out the offer (for the food). But in my head, this words just keep repeating :

"i so wanna share this with her. People used to share me a lot of food in the bus. But i don't know her! And this is awkward! But i have to offer her the chocolate! What am i gonna do?!"

Of course right now in your head u'll all be saying : 'Just offer her the chocolate!'

But i didn't.

I still feel regretful cos i didn't offer her the chocolate, though. :(

Selasa, November 17, 2009

Kimdonesia... :'(

You see, there was this cute girl, about my little sister age, a caucasian muallaf aussie who love indonesia named kimdonesia. I kinda fall in love with her (don't freak out! I mean it in a good way!) when i first saw her hijabi tutorial video's on youtube. Her video was kinda dorky but fun to watch cos she look so excited! At that time, i was loosing bit by bit of my faith and wondering why i'm wearing a hijab at the first place.

Watching her get all excited about her hijab get me excited as well. I imidiately subscribe her youtube video, check out her blog and add her facebook & twitter (about 6 month later, not a big fan of facebooks and twitter). Her and that cute egyptian girl who got engaged and probably already married by now so she never update her video's again.

Back to kimdonesia. She was a former christian turning islam and very proud and happy about it. She's also a big fan of indonesia (explain the nick name) cos she stayed in lampung when her mother remarried an indonesian guy. A lot of people really inspired by her passion, her funny sarcastic kinda way jokes, her proudness of islam and the love of life that she showed in each and every video. A fan even made her a website. Don't really know if its still working or not cos i never visit that website. Last time i visit was still under construction.

The story goes, i discovered that she's going through a lot of emotional troubles in the past few days. Her beloved dog dies, she got rejected from the university she's going after, she probably was going through some faith issue cos one of her twitter says that she's trying to reach and consulting with another muallaf just like her. Last but not least, she stated in her facebook that she wanted to take off her hijab in indonesian language (probably scared by the bashing of her other english speaking facebook friends, but no use cos her indonesian speaking facebook friends bash her anyway in a 'lebay' kinda way).

Her facebook was suspended by her right away. I was concerning about her so i try to show my support by twitter. I realized that she must've going through a hard time but the people just constantly bashing her, judging her, threatening with hell fire and such.

This happens a few days ago. Today, i open my blog and Ange from (probably the wrong address but i'm writing this on my cell, edited later) said that kimdonesia has officially left islam for personal reason. I was surprised! I thought the furthest kim would go would only to take off her hijab and try to start over. Well, she does try to start over but on a different religion, or no religion at all.

The reason why i'm writing this is to let kimmy know that i really really like her not only because she was a proud muallaf but also because of her dorkyness, her cute sense of humour, unique view of the world, her loving attitude and just for being.. Kim. Even if she wasn't islam i would've still like her, but that was the reason i know a person name Kimdonesia in the internet world.

Kim, ur a strong girl. I hope whatever ur problems are, u won't give up to this harsh world that easy. Good luck on ur new journey. I wish u all the best in life.

Another day, another me.

I'll write this blog in english, thinking that most of my co-workers is lacking in english. Why? Coz i'm gonna talk about them, of course.

So the main topic of the day : my kind and smart boss. Kind cos he always know when i was short on money, he'll give me some even if its just 10k, and smart cos he knows what he's doing and know how to do it. I really admired my boss and have a very high respect towards him although, as a normal human being he's not perfect with a lot of fidelity case (which he shares his fidelity stories on many occasion).

I'm totally cool with that. I mean i have no intention on ruining his marriage by telling his wife about these stories, and its not my business anyway. That is, until, he finally set his eyes on me... I cannot believe my eyes! What the heck?! I thought he already know what kind of girl i am. I'm not one of the 'take out' girls that he usually date, and from working with him for the entire 4 years, he should've known!

Let me tell u something, my age maybe has reached the age of 25 but i am still pretty, good looking, smart enough to get any single, available, wife-less, childless, young, good looking, smart guy i want! I am not that desperate nor i am that poor to expect some money from him in any ways possible!

Oh, come on, dude! U have got to be kidding me!

Well, i am taking the adviced from my friends. Forget future good relationship! A no is a no!

Senin, November 16, 2009

Jadi ceritanya begini, pada suatu hari yang membosankan, gw memutuskan untuk cabut ke warnet daripada nongkrong dirumah mantengin sinetron langganan nyokap. As I was sitting in front of the computer, I got even more bored than ever. Gw berpikir di dalam otak gw yang sesederhana spongebob, betapa 'lame'nya hidup gw, cuma berkutat diantara kantor, rumah dan warnet. Its clear that i need a better social life than this.

Maka ceritanya mulailah gw mengeluhkan hal ini diplurk. Temen2 gw dengan baik hatinya menyarankan banyak hal yang sebenarnya cukup logis (untuk kebanyakan orang) tapi satu persatu semua saran itu gw pentalin. Persis kek Mikan kalo lagi di kasih tau! Lol! Peace, ah, Mik. (smirk)

Oh, well, gw ceritanya masih ga sadar diri tuh ya, ampe ketika gw lagi ngecek facebook, ternyata Frap ngomelin gw, ngomong kalo gw kebanyakan alesan. If i really wanna do something, just go ahead and do it! No excuses! And he's right! (thanx bro *hugs*)

After awhile, i started thinking. Karena setelah gw komplain, ngeluh kek gitu, the truth is, weekends gw abisin nginep dirumah temen di Depok, bercanda, ketawa ketiwi, and much more. Jadi masalahnya bukan dari jumlah teman atau apakah gw punya atau ga punya teman untuk menghabiskan waktu, toh temen yang gw kenal di inet rata2 jadi temen deket gw di real life juga. Kalaupun gw pengen menghabiskan waktu ber-social life, daripada ngenet waktu itu mendingan gw ngobrol ama temen2 gw di telpon atau sms sambil ngegaring bareng wkwk.

So I reckon its all a matter of choice. I choose to socialized via internet coz i thought its cheaper (well, apparently not if ur a frequent warnet visitor =="). Sebagai net addict, gw merasa membutuhkan berkomunikasi dengan temen2 gw via inet, apalagi waktu itu koneksi im3 lagi kacrut. Tapi gw bosan dengan internet dan gw ga menyadarinya, gw cuma merasa 'lame' aja gt, gaulnya di internet mulu sementara yang gw butuhkan saat itu bukanlah random chat by writing but a face to face chat, a little skinship, a good laugh. I think not having any internet connection at this current time is a good thing, make me realize a few things that i'm missing. :]

Selasa, November 10, 2009


Kantor gw punya dua orang linmas (atau satpamlah istilahnya), si A dan si B. Dua-duanya cowok, dan menurut pandangan mata gw yang udah kerja bareng keduanya selama setahun lebih, emang cocok jadi satpam. Satpam di lingkungan PNS (catet!) karena satpam sekelas satpam bank mah selain berbodi gede tapi juga ramah dan pinter, kalo ada yang baru dateng ditanyain urusannya apa dan dianterin ke teller atau CS bersangkutan. Linmas kantor gw? Hmph. Boro-boro.

Nah, si A ini orang pendek, agak bau badan, tukang molor, lemot (!), tapi rajin dan humble. Mau disuruh-suruh biarpun beresiko kalo nyuruh-nyuruh dia karena ujung-ujungnya salah mulu. Sementara si B juga pendek, cungkring, senga, jarang mau disuruh-suruh, kerjaannya main games di kompi mulu tapi ngaku2 (?) pinter (?). Serius! Tadi beberapa menit yang lalu gw denger dia ngomong kek gitu ke salah satu orang kantor (si C)!

Gw pengen ngakak! Tapi berhubung orangnya masih ada jadi gw tahan-tahanlah ya. Pas orangnya dah ga keliatan, gw tanya dah ke si C, "Mending mana? Lemot tapi rajin atau pinter tapi males?" Jawabnya, "Mending yang rajin atuh! Yang males mah ga guna," (kurang lebih begitulah jawabannya)

Dan gw setuju! Masih mending si A daripada si B. Lagian gw selalu pengen ngakak sama orang-orang yang ngaku pinter.. Justru kebodohan mereka disitu tuh! Entah ya penilaian gw rada subjektif atau ga karna basicly gw emang ga suka aja ama si B. Senga banget! Disuruh ama gw ga pernah mau mentang2 gw masih honor. Pret!

Senin, November 09, 2009

Me? I'm just fine.

So a little update, I'm planning on making a Workshop, a Writing Workshop. I got all figured out, just need to discuss some things with my members and coordinate the place and its all good. Let's just wish it all the best. In the mean while, I'm also planning on making some funding for my Workshop. Planning on making some Harry Potter's Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. Don't know if it'll taste good but I've collected all the recipe just need to actually make it. Wish me luck!

Anyway, gw menyesal ga masuk kantor hari ini. Berita buruk dateng bertubi-tubi non stop. Mulai dari berita kalau gw belom nyetak lampiran tunjangan kinerja yang menghasilkan tidak cairnya tunjangan kinerja hari ini, dapet sms dari si bos kalau PC Server yang biasa gw pake ternyata Innalillahi alias mati ga bisa idup, laptop masih di rumah sakit (tempat service). Satu-satunya hal bagus yang gw dapet hari ini adalah berhasil menghubungi pihak Musium Bank Mandiri buat pesen tempat dan dapet duit buat rapat juga berhasil tidur dan istirahat karena kaki gw sakit mampus gara-gara kemaren jalan keliling Plangi (Plaza Semanggi) setelah beli kado ultah Mida (yang kecepetan, btw). Gw jalan pake heels yang biasa gw pake ke kantor tapi tetep aja biarpun heelsnya rendah gw tetep ga biasa berhubung di kantor gw kebiasaan pake sendal jepit jadi itu sepatu biasanya nganggur aja gitu berdebu.

Lalu... Umm, gw pengen online ya dari tadi pagi, niat ke warnet buat menghabiskan waktu dan nyari2 resep Butterbeer dan Jus Labu buat jualan ntar tapi setelah dapet semuanya, yang tadinya niat ngerep dan ngecek update youtube sambil ngeblog jadi terganggu. Masalahnya gw bosen di warnet ini. Gw cepet capek klo di warnet. Masih mending kalau di rumah atau di kantor, bisa ditinggal-tinggal, kalau di warnet kan intens gitu. Mana gw juga nyalain YM lagi (biarpun impis) dan perasaan bosan itu bener-bener menjadi-jadi.

Besok banyak kerjaan, Anggaran 2010 harus di revisi, ngecek komputer kantor, ngeprint atau ngetik ulang lampiran tunjangan kinerja, minta supaya komputer dibenerin trus dipasangin simda... ah... setres gw ga ke kantor hari ini. Mana besok juga rapat untuk Workshop pula.. gimana nasib kalau PC-nya koit? Spidi cuma bisa nyambung ke satu komputer itu doank. --a

Racauan dan curhatan kosong ini has to stop right now! I'll update with a slightly better insight! *wave*

Minggu, November 08, 2009

The Bad Guy Behind The Bad Guy

Jadi kemarin gw nonton film ampe pagi. Maksud gw pagi bener2 ampe pagi subuh-subuh gitu. Ada banyak film bagus sih. XD Waktu itu gw sempet nonton film kek model G.I. Joe (yang menurut gw jelek tapi menurut Mikan dan Mida oke banget apalagi ada si Channing Tatum--whoever he is) dan model film yang ada hero and the villain. Nah, the villain ini biasanya punya organisasi atau apalah itu namanya dimana ada banyak orang yang bekerja buat dia dari balik komputer atau pegang senjata, siap untuk diserang dan dibom serta dibunuh tanpa ampun oleh 'the hero'. I was watching some other movie when suddenly I'm starting to think about G.I. Joe (anehnya, film itu tuh America's Sweetheart).

Oke, gw kepikiran tentang Film G.I. Joe kan tuh, dimana sang villain punya banyak banget anak buah yang pinter, jago fighting, hidup di dunia bawah air, siap bunuh orang kapan aja si bos nyuruh. Dan di belakang otak gw yang berpikir seadanya itu gw berpikir : anak buahnya villain yang terkenal ini dibayar berapa buat bunuh orang? Buat tinggal di sebuah kota bawah air kerja 24/7 non stop tanpa keluarga padahal tampangnya masih muda-muda gitu? Mereka dibayar berapa? Mereka dikasih keyakinan apa sama si villain ini kalau misalnya rencana jahatnya sukses? Bahwa mereka juga bakalan ikut sukses? Jadi bodyguard eksklusif?

Orang-orang yang kerja pada si villain dalam level rendah (yang pegang senjata, yang pegang komputer) ini bakalan dapet apa? Gajinya berapa? Kok mau-maunya bunuh orang tanpa alasan? Kok mau-maunya jaga sebuah gua di tengah-tengah benua antartika yang kosong dan beku? Kok mau-maunya tinggal di sebuah kota bawah laut di tengah-tengah benua antartika tanpa ada kontak sama keluarga--or further more, to make a family? I mean, what do they get, for helping the villain? To be doing the crap stuff? Untuk berdiri doank jaga pintu keluar masuk pegang pistol untuk kemudian ditembakin sama 'the hero'?

What is it with them?

Jumat, November 06, 2009

This is called "Arogansi"

I just simply cannot believe this guy. Apa sih yang dia banggain jadi polisi? Nyuap masuk sampe berpuluh-puluh juta. Begitu masuk, harus punya koneksi kuat biar ga ditempatin di daerah dan cepet naik pangkat. Biar ga rugi bandar, tilang secara resmi ga berlaku, suka cari-cari masalah biar uang tilang dan administrasi lainnya bisa ditilep dan dibagi-bagi. Lo kira gw ga tau semua ini? Hey, dude... Se-Indonesia juga tau!

Arogansi seperti ini... gw pikir 70-80% petugas polisi punya biarpun beberapa ga menonjolkan hal itu. Just to let you guys know, gw pikir kita-kita sebagai masyarakat sipil yang harus dilayani oleh pelayan masyarakat yang disebut sebagai polisi ini harus berdiri tegak. Jangan takut sama polisi kalau emang ga salah apa-apa. Belajar basic law supaya jangan ditipu sama polisi. Pakai rasionalitas kalau bicara sama mereka supaya jangan dibodoh-bodohi, jangan kalah ngomong sama mereka dan satu lagi : jangan mau bayar uang apapun ke polisi kalau emang ga masuk prosedur resmi.

Intinya : jangan mau direndahin, ditipu, dibodoh-bodohin sama polisi mentang-mentang mereka punya pistol, sel penjara dan semua bla-bla-bla lainnya. Ingat posisi mereka yang adalah pelayan masyarakat (yaitu anda dan saya). Kalau mereka mulai arogan dengan sikap berlebihan dan tidak sesuai prosedur, LAPORIN! Kekuatan media massa jaman sekarang ada di sisi kita, masyarakat sipil, bukan mereka! MERDEKA! (lho?)

Senin, November 02, 2009

Recommended Drama

So I'm following a couple of Korean Drama right now. Why Korean Drama? Coz it's fun, funny, full of ideas, interesting, nice clothing, cute cast, amazing camera angle, and the music is fantastic. Overall, it just fit my style of drama. Kunci dari drama-drama yang gw ikutin ini adalah episode pertama yang breathtaking! I really mean it! Setelah episode pertama, klo menurut gw ga menarik, selanjut-selanjutnya ga bakalan gw tonton lagi. Tapi kalau episode pertama aja udah sampe sesek nafas nontonnya, gw ga bakalan lepasin itu drama sampai selesai! Lebih oke lagi kalau semua episodenya udah selesai tayang jadi tinggal donlot aja sampai selesai trus ditonton sekaligus hehe. Tapi sayangnya beberapa drama yang gw ikutin saat ini masih tayang di Korea sana, jadi mesti sabar-sabar menunggu subnya. Salut dah buat para fansubber drama Korea! Klo gw punya duit gw kasih donasi deh!

Oh, well. Ada beberapa K-Drama yang sangat gw highly recommended (not in particular order) :

1. Shining Inheritance.

Ceritanya menurut gw cukup standar, cinta segitiga, anak orang kaya yang bandel, kaya mendadak miskin lalu mendadak kaya, ibu tiri yang kejam, bla bla bla. Tapi ada sesuatu yang menonjol di drama ini. Sesuatu itu ga cuma satu tapi banyak! Satu yang paling gw suka dari drama ini adalah values-nya.

Bagaimana seorang nenek yang mengingat masa lalunya yang kelam menampung dan menyangi para pekerjanya yang single parents dan sulit mendapat kerja karena berbagai alasan, bagaimana perjuangan si pemeran utama wanita yang melewati berbagai kesulitan tapi selalu bekerja keras tidak pernah mengharap lebih, tetap realistis tapi juga tidak pernah menadahkan tangan, bagaimana seorang cucu yang keras kepala masih bisa menghormati neneknya yang seorang kepala keluarga, berjuang mendapatkan pengakuannya, bagaimana seorang laki-laki bisa menyerahkan cintanya dengan elegan (Oppa~ Aku masih tak rela!!), bagaimana kasih sayang seorang kakak terhadap adiknya yang autis (beneran sakit autis) dan lain sebagainya. Bener-bener full of values dari drama 28 episode ini.

Untuk episode pertamanya? Breathtaking. Just absolutely breathtaking. You have to check it out.

2. Queen Seon Deok.

Drama historical (yang tidak terlalu historical--karena gw keseringan nonton film historical Cina yang tiada duanya dalam hal detail) ini, mengisahkan tentang kutukan putri kembar dan seorang Selir kejam nan jenius dan ambisius bernama Mishil. Terus terang aja gw cukup surprise pas nonton ini. Klo biasanya tokoh protagonis adalah tokoh yang paling keren dalam sebuah dorama, kali ini justru kebalikannya. Sejak episode pertama, gw udah terpesona sama tokoh antagonisnya, justru... Mishil. She's like the ultimate villain! Gila, gerak geriknya, bibirnya yang jarang senyum, gerakannya yang terjaga, auranya... pokoknya jahat banget! Tapi masih anggun.

Malah kalau diperhatiin waktu tayang diantara pemeran utama protagonisnya yaitu Deokman dan Mishil yang jelas-jelas antagonis, waktu tayangnya lebih banyak Mishil. Pemeran utamanya sendiri baru keluar setelah 4-6 episode berlangsung (kalau ga salah) dan gw jatuh cinta sama pemeran Deokman cilik. Sumpah dia keren mampus tu aktris cilik! Kalau ada satu yang gw cinta banget dalam drama Korea, itu pasti akting para castnya. Mantap! Chaego! (The best!.red)

Episode pertamanya? Kalau ga sampe 'captivated' by Mishil... I really have no idea what your senses are.

3. You're Beautiful

I have to admit, saat pertama kali liat poster promosi drama ini, pikiran gw pasti sama dengan pikiran kalian semua : apaan sih? Buset lebai amat! Tapi karena didorong rasa iseng melihat ratingnya yang lumayan tinggi, gw jadi penasaran trus donlot episode pertamanya. Harap diingat gw baru donlot dan nonton episode pertamanya doank. Gw penasaran mampus sama episode keduanya tapi berdasarkan pengalaman gw, justru lebih seru kalau dalam sehari cuma nonton beberapa drama secara random dan hanya satu episode per hari (selain karena memang speed donlot gw ga dewa-dewa amat).

I thought it would be cheesy ( dan ga bagus, standar, dst. Tapi setelah gw nonton episode pertamanya ternyata... kocaaaaaaaaaakkkk!!!! Ampun dah kocak dan refreshing! Apalagi angle-angle kamera sama efek-efeknya yang biarpun sederhana tapi 'nendang' banget. Kalau kata Pain (temen plurk) mah, drama ini kombinasi dari Coffee Prince sama BOF and I cannot say anything that is more precise than that. Totally! Kalau kalian termasuk penggemar drama dengan genre seperti itu, this is the drama for you.

Dilanjut lagi nanti kalau sedang mood. =]

sleepy head

i admit my stupidity. i shouldn't have slept at 2 AM this morning when i knew its monday, its payday, its gonna be a busy day. right now my head is so heavy and i really need to rest my eyes for AT LEAST 10 minute.

i met this nice old lady at the bus this morning. i mean, she was nice and everything and she's even working in the same workfield as i do, meaning we both wear the same uniform. but the problem is : she would talk non stop! ignoring the fact that i was yawning for every 5 minute. to make things a little more burdensome, she told me to sleep if i was sleepy. my manners told me to keep my eyes wide open. i really have no idea why cubung like to have the stranger conversations on the bus/train with (of course) strangers cos i'd rather sleep or listen to some music or the voices inside my head, chatting with myself (i don't think i'm crazy, yet).

well, anyway, while chatting with the nice old lady, my mind was wandering everywhere (unpolite, i know) and suddenly i have this urge to buy a house. i haven't talk to my sist and parents about this but i'm sure they'll all agree on me. we need another house.

i'm thinking bogor. =]