Selasa, November 17, 2009

Another day, another me.

I'll write this blog in english, thinking that most of my co-workers is lacking in english. Why? Coz i'm gonna talk about them, of course.

So the main topic of the day : my kind and smart boss. Kind cos he always know when i was short on money, he'll give me some even if its just 10k, and smart cos he knows what he's doing and know how to do it. I really admired my boss and have a very high respect towards him although, as a normal human being he's not perfect with a lot of fidelity case (which he shares his fidelity stories on many occasion).

I'm totally cool with that. I mean i have no intention on ruining his marriage by telling his wife about these stories, and its not my business anyway. That is, until, he finally set his eyes on me... I cannot believe my eyes! What the heck?! I thought he already know what kind of girl i am. I'm not one of the 'take out' girls that he usually date, and from working with him for the entire 4 years, he should've known!

Let me tell u something, my age maybe has reached the age of 25 but i am still pretty, good looking, smart enough to get any single, available, wife-less, childless, young, good looking, smart guy i want! I am not that desperate nor i am that poor to expect some money from him in any ways possible!

Oh, come on, dude! U have got to be kidding me!

Well, i am taking the adviced from my friends. Forget future good relationship! A no is a no!

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