Rabu, November 18, 2009

Chocolate with dilema

So yesterday as i was heading back home from work, my route was to hitch hike one of my co-workers car and then ride another car to get home. This car is a public transportation called 'angkot' *halah, apaan sih*. Well, yesterday, as i was waiting for the angkot to go and drive since the driver is waiting waaay to long for another passanger to come and filled the angkot, suddenly i was craving for some chocolate! Silverqueen's chunky bar, to be exact! It's yummy! And my cell had no pulsa (what the hell is the english for pulsa?!)!

So i get out of the angkot, get in to a mini market (it was raining) and get myself a nice small piece of silverqueen's chunkybar (i was broke!). And i also get some pulsa (?) for my cellphone.

Anyway, long story short, i get inside a new angkot cos the old one is still waiting for passangers, there was this pretty lady inside wearing a peach hijab and a long brown dress (i kinda forget what its called). We trade looks with each other for a second, thin smile, then back with our own business. There was just the two of us in the car. I want to eat my chocolate so i opened it and munch it right away. Its manner to offer the other person who is not eating to share the food that we're eating and i was constantly looking at her, waiting for my mouth to spit out the offer (for the food). But in my head, this words just keep repeating :

"i so wanna share this with her. People used to share me a lot of food in the bus. But i don't know her! And this is awkward! But i have to offer her the chocolate! What am i gonna do?!"

Of course right now in your head u'll all be saying : 'Just offer her the chocolate!'

But i didn't.

I still feel regretful cos i didn't offer her the chocolate, though. :(

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