Selasa, November 17, 2009

Kimdonesia... :'(

You see, there was this cute girl, about my little sister age, a caucasian muallaf aussie who love indonesia named kimdonesia. I kinda fall in love with her (don't freak out! I mean it in a good way!) when i first saw her hijabi tutorial video's on youtube. Her video was kinda dorky but fun to watch cos she look so excited! At that time, i was loosing bit by bit of my faith and wondering why i'm wearing a hijab at the first place.

Watching her get all excited about her hijab get me excited as well. I imidiately subscribe her youtube video, check out her blog and add her facebook & twitter (about 6 month later, not a big fan of facebooks and twitter). Her and that cute egyptian girl who got engaged and probably already married by now so she never update her video's again.

Back to kimdonesia. She was a former christian turning islam and very proud and happy about it. She's also a big fan of indonesia (explain the nick name) cos she stayed in lampung when her mother remarried an indonesian guy. A lot of people really inspired by her passion, her funny sarcastic kinda way jokes, her proudness of islam and the love of life that she showed in each and every video. A fan even made her a website. Don't really know if its still working or not cos i never visit that website. Last time i visit was still under construction.

The story goes, i discovered that she's going through a lot of emotional troubles in the past few days. Her beloved dog dies, she got rejected from the university she's going after, she probably was going through some faith issue cos one of her twitter says that she's trying to reach and consulting with another muallaf just like her. Last but not least, she stated in her facebook that she wanted to take off her hijab in indonesian language (probably scared by the bashing of her other english speaking facebook friends, but no use cos her indonesian speaking facebook friends bash her anyway in a 'lebay' kinda way).

Her facebook was suspended by her right away. I was concerning about her so i try to show my support by twitter. I realized that she must've going through a hard time but the people just constantly bashing her, judging her, threatening with hell fire and such.

This happens a few days ago. Today, i open my blog and Ange from (probably the wrong address but i'm writing this on my cell, edited later) said that kimdonesia has officially left islam for personal reason. I was surprised! I thought the furthest kim would go would only to take off her hijab and try to start over. Well, she does try to start over but on a different religion, or no religion at all.

The reason why i'm writing this is to let kimmy know that i really really like her not only because she was a proud muallaf but also because of her dorkyness, her cute sense of humour, unique view of the world, her loving attitude and just for being.. Kim. Even if she wasn't islam i would've still like her, but that was the reason i know a person name Kimdonesia in the internet world.

Kim, ur a strong girl. I hope whatever ur problems are, u won't give up to this harsh world that easy. Good luck on ur new journey. I wish u all the best in life.

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Jaz mengatakan...

Oh I was surprised too.

Odna mengatakan...

Rere, if you don't mind can I send you an email? How can I do so? Thanks.

AlabasterMuslim mengatakan...

Its still killing me! I think this will all be put to rest when she writes or posts a video blog telling exactly what is going on. Inshallah she will come back to islam. ameen!

Sharifaaaa. mengatakan...

omg, i am totally speechless.
Kim was such a beautiful example of a perfect Muslimah. So strong and graceful too. I KNOW that she inspired a lot of people, including me to better my faith.

I'm just totally shocked because she seemed so into Islam, even I was jealous of Kim because she was a better Muslim than me and was doing something for everybody!

I do hope she comes back to Islam InshAllah. :( She is a really strong woman so whatever has drove her to leave Islam must of been big . ..Hopefully her strengh can help her through this and she should know she has hundreds of people behind her and that are willing to help or talk to. And most importantly Allah who is also listening.

InshAllah I hope Kim knows that Allah doesn't give us what we can't handle, life is one big test.

AHHHH i'm so upset I'm going to miss her so much :'(

Sharifaaaa. mengatakan...

she has a new youtube channel:

on it she says she left Islam because of depression triggered by the death of her dog :S

Rere mengatakan...

Thats the reason she left islam? Wew... *speechless*

@odna, u can email me at :

Jilbab mengatakan...

Oww, that's too bad :(