Senin, November 02, 2009

sleepy head

i admit my stupidity. i shouldn't have slept at 2 AM this morning when i knew its monday, its payday, its gonna be a busy day. right now my head is so heavy and i really need to rest my eyes for AT LEAST 10 minute.

i met this nice old lady at the bus this morning. i mean, she was nice and everything and she's even working in the same workfield as i do, meaning we both wear the same uniform. but the problem is : she would talk non stop! ignoring the fact that i was yawning for every 5 minute. to make things a little more burdensome, she told me to sleep if i was sleepy. my manners told me to keep my eyes wide open. i really have no idea why cubung like to have the stranger conversations on the bus/train with (of course) strangers cos i'd rather sleep or listen to some music or the voices inside my head, chatting with myself (i don't think i'm crazy, yet).

well, anyway, while chatting with the nice old lady, my mind was wandering everywhere (unpolite, i know) and suddenly i have this urge to buy a house. i haven't talk to my sist and parents about this but i'm sure they'll all agree on me. we need another house.

i'm thinking bogor. =]

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