Sabtu, November 28, 2009

Whassup World?

You know something? Sometimes i feel disconnected. I don't get what they're talking about but somehow i don't really want to know what they're talking about. I never think of myself as a diligent person, a good writer, a creative designer, etc. I am just someone who do it for fun, and somehow, tried to fit in at some point in the journey.

Oh, well. It was fun and all but i just don't have any interest about it anymore. Who would blame me? I know more than a few people who feel the same way as i am. But no biggy. I found a couple of great friends from it. I like em sooo much, i don't have a problem with their roaming conversation or weird behaviour and not so cut out with the way i think cos of the age gap and all. No problem at all. =]

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