Rabu, Desember 16, 2009

Are you cool enough?

Definition of 'cool' : the opposite of warm; not so hot and not so cold; what inside the fridge; etc.

Well, you feel cool in the morning, hot in the day, and then cool again in the afternoon. But that's not what I'm going to talk about. No, no, no....

For some people at school, being cool means that you have to have an award for a couple of achievement; being the popular kid; wears lots of make up; being different and emo; active at sport; always smiling and cheerful; smart and the top of the class; the class joker; queen bee; dropdead gorgeous, totally rich; etc.

For some people in the crowd, cool means to stand out or probably to keep low, to wear a spesific clothing that defines ur community, to be a fashionista, to wear label clothing, to be modest and simple, to wears lots of colors, to be bulky, to be skinny, to have muscles, to have that preppy look, to be beautiful, etc.

For some people at work, cool means to become the boss, the easy going person, to be the gossiper, to have a second job, to be making loads of money, to have a car, to do the job that you love, etc.

For some people at the club, cool means, the DJ, the cool dancer, sexy clothing, label clothing, drinking and smoking, or not to drink yet smoke, to have an ons with some random drunk, to dance on top of the bar desk, hanging out with a lot of people, know 90% of the people who visit the club, mastercard, platinum membership, dropdead gorgeous, etc.

To be cool online : have an active account on every social networking online, to have as much online friends as possible till your account get suspended, to have a chat list full of friends from different online community, to always be online even if ur driving, have more followers than people you follow on twitter, have a fansite dedicated for you, to tweet a lot, to tweet less, to always update your facebook status, actually owning a facebook, updated blog, having more blog than one, etc.

Some people think its cool, some people think its just lame, I prefer to think that I'm cool. B-)

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