Senin, Desember 14, 2009

Do you have any?

Dreams, I mean.

Sesuatu yang disebut mimpi, cita-cita, keinginan, pandangan hidup jauh ke depan, dst. Its called dreams. Just watch a random pop culture Japan Drama and you'll see what I mean. I don't particularly like that kind of drama. At first it was fun, a new kind of drama for me other than mandarin drama and sinetron. But I find it boring after a while. Its ridiculously boring.

My friend (via ym chat) told me that I have no dreams. And she's right, of course. I have no problem having no dreams while some people think that I have no life without a dream. Does living your life just-like-that day by day be consider as zombie?

I know what I want, I want a computer set, a second battery for my bb, a new house at Bogor cos our house contract is soon to end, to move to another district while this district is divided (don't really know the English for Kabupaten), etc. And the list still go on. But does this all be consider as a dream? You tell me.

Is it cos I'm stuck that I have no dreams? I already have a job and I can afford anything I want as long as I save some money and of course the next thing to do in the normal human norm is to get married, have babies, have grandkids, retired and die. Its not something you can call a dream, right? Its just something you have to do in order to fulfil society's demand. Your parents demand, your co-workers demand, etc.

So how exactly do you have something called dream? I wonder.

If you know, would you please kindly tell me?

Via twitter would be great. *ditabok*

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