Kamis, Desember 03, 2009

Have you ever feels..

...Like you only want what is not there in front of your eyes? I mean, just this morning, my dad making me a delicious fried banana and I didn't eat it. Not that I don't want it, I mean I can smell the sweet scent of the mouth watering fried banana, but I didn't feel like eating. I know my dad would be disappointed every time I don't eat his cooking, I know I would if the person that I personally cook for don't eat my cooking.

Its just that... I don't want it. I don't feel like eating it. I feel like eating something that isn't there like bread or cereal not that warm, delicious, mouth watering fried banana! And it happens all the time! I always want something that isn't there! Usually when I skip delicious snacks in my house, I come looking for it when they're gone and finish. And again, this happens all the time!

I'm a little terrified if this thing would go on in my life in a different kind of subject. No longer food, but... Future spouse, perhaps? What if... I ignore this wonderful person in front of me, wanting for something more and isn't there, looking for some weakness and then come back and looking at him with a different perspective... Just right when he's already gone!

God, I feel so shitnetron...

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Freya mengatakan...

Bwakakakaka shitnetron? Kata yg bgs hihihi.

Well, kalo soal ph, tanya dl ma yg di atas, mana yg terbaik bwt lo. Jgn asal comot aja. Who knows if that delicious banana is raw inside. Not eatable. Haha bahasa ngacrut ni. Hope u get my point. Gb.