Selasa, Desember 01, 2009

Random stuff (meaning get out if ur not

Well hello there. Eid has come to an end (thank God, I can't munch another meat for another week!) And my blogger friends seems to be quite busy with their holiday (or is it exams) so even they didn't update their blog (blablabla excuses, excuses, excuses) but being randomly me, I'll update my blog now with unimportant updates.. =]

Ok, so I'm going 26 in 3 month and the questions of : when are u getting married? Soon will be a big hit. But what can I say? These people just don't know how to have fun. The hell with marriage, right now I have more important things to think about like, paying for my bb, paying for the plane ticket to Jogja, paying for gathnas and blazer, getting sponsors for my event, getting new shoes, handbag, and set of computers.

Damn why does it all involves money?! Gini nih yang udah gawe, pikirannya duit ke duit lagi.. Enaknya yang masih sekolah/kuliah cuma mikirin pe er ama ulangan.. (Dan dikejauhan terdengar: enaknya yang udah kerja ga usah mikirin peer ama ulangan, tinggal kerja trus dapet duit).

Haaaa... Manusia kapan ada puasnya sih?

Imo, justru struggling untuk mendapatkan apa yang kita mau itulah saat dimana kita paling merasa 'hidup'. Coba bayangin deh, seandainya kita bisa dapetin semua yang kita mau pada saat kita baru membayangkannya.. Tinggal tunggu mati aja itu mah, bosen amat idup kek gitu.

Just imagine.. A life full of emotion.. Or an emotionless life..

What do u prefer?

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