Selasa, Desember 29, 2009

Recha McFadden

She's a lady. A very beautiful lady. I created her. She so elegant and a very 'nice' serpent lady. I totally love her. She's like the first chara I ever made. I never wrote anything before and she was my first. She stays when everyone else dissapears. She stand tall when everyone get deleted. I love her so much.

My only problem is... I don't have a plot or a future plan for her (or any of my other original characters, in this case). So I just go with the flow, if anyone wants to play with her, I let them. I said yes. I never say no.

Untill she have this image on her : a bitch, a slut. I totally hate that.

I love her soooo much but what's wrong with these people? Why do they take her so 'easy'? Its not right! Its like I'm being hurt as well! I don't know if this is what u called 'blending' but it really hurt me to see my baby becoming a bitch like that. :(

Its a motherly feeling probably.

Recha, if ur a human....

Please don't kill me.