Senin, Desember 07, 2009

Words is not enough

Its never enough.

Words should be followed by action.
Action should be followed by movement.
Then change would come eventually.

Do you realize what you're doing? Just talking and saying those words without actually doing something. You know it would get you nowhere, but you keep doing it anyway, just to relieve your stress. You keep making promises, you keep making rules for your kids, don't do this, don't do that, but just before the kids eyes, you are the one who keeps violating your own rules!

You keep making promises, I'm going to diet, I wanna be thin, I will work hard at my office, I wanna raise, I wanna be a little chubbier cos I'm too thin, I'll find a decent job, cos I wanna be independent, I'm going overseas to study, I'm going to find myself an eligible bachelor, I'm going to go make a change for a clean government, I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that.

Yes, you said all that, but what do you do to make your wish come true?

Hey, we don't live in Cinderella land where some prince charming would come and save the day. No! In this real world, prince charming would come and create a new problem for us, not to solve our problems.

Just words in not enough. Its never enough.

You wanna get a job? Go find yourself some skills, try apply for jobs everywhere, don't be discourage because of entry level.
You wanna get skinny? Go search google to find a recommended healthy lifestyle, go shopping for veggies and fruit, enjoy your time with your friends/family and take a walk with them for your exercise.
You get chubbier? Sleep more, drink milk, get a new job.
You wanna have your ideal man? Get yourself socialized, find new people in different fields by joining a community with your share interest, get a course of your interest and you'll find new people and more option and choice.
You want your kids to obey the rule? Set an example and don't break the rules who you yourself made. If your kids break the rule, you'll yell at them like there's no tomorrow, but if you break the rule, you act like its just nothing. Do you know how annoying it is for the kids?!
You want to change the government to be a clean one? Don't just nagging about the stupid and corrupt government from the comfort of your own home and step outside and be an active watcher to the government.

There's so many things you can do to make it right. There's so many things you can do to make your wish come true.
But do you actually do it?

Words, my dear, is just not enough.Its never enough.

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