Sabtu, Maret 06, 2010

Tim Burton Look

Hey, have you noticed how many cool movies with Tim Burton / Jhonny Depp Movies always have this signature make up of really really really dark smoky eyes? Indicating just how dark the movie is.. Well, my favorite make up Guru, Michelle Phan, make a tutorial make up on youtube on how to make that really really really dark smoky eyes... Tim Burton style.

Go to her channel on youtube and enjoy the rest of her make up tutorial. They're all very cool. =]

Selasa, Maret 02, 2010

I Love This Place

Do you know what place am I talking about? This place, this town, this suburban place where i have lived for over 10 years now. I used to hate this place. There's nothing here. Not even a movie theater. If I wanna go watch a movie, I have to go to Bogor which is 2 hour drive from my place. The mall is crappy and there's just.. Well its not like Jakarta, that's for sure. I used to live in Jakarta, you know? For about 14 years of my life. I was born there and I was raised by the basic principle of every young Jakartanians : never talk to stranger, always walk straight forwards, don't look around like your confused (, don't get too close to the neighbors, don't do this, don't do that, bla bla bla...

So I got this look from my neighbor as an arrogant person. But I'm NOT! I'm just a quiet person who doesn't talk much and doesn't smile much and have a satire sense of humor and raised not to talk nor smile to stranger or you'll get abducted and sold to some stranger in a far-far away land. Well, its the truth though! I'm not a bad person but its just who I am.

You can guess that I got some sort of culture shock when I first got here. People here demand you to say hi to the neighbors, to gossip in front of the house, to say "punten" to the elderly every time you walk passed them. Its called manner and good behavior. I know all that and I demand manner as well from the people around me (at least that I know) but somehow its really difficult for me to do the same. It took me a few years to finally understand Sundanese (while my sister mastered the language in only a few month!) and I still can't talk Sundanese properly till now. How pathetic. I just don't feel like studying the language. If I like some language, I'll try my best to study it but if I don't like it... well...

I hated here. Its my dream to move back to Jakarta (or at least Bogor, its nearer to Jakarta and its a big city). But you know what? I don't have that dream anymore. You see, a few days back, I was walking to another warnet after finishing surfing at a VERY slow warnet. And at the first warnet, I was torturing my legs. I got cramp, my legs fell a sleep. When I left the warnet, my legs was killing me. I can hardly move. So I was standing there, in front of someone's house that I don't know and there was a couple of 'Bapak-bapak' there. They're chatting in front of their house, enjoying the afternoon. So, I was standing there, bending to my knee, waiting for my legs to feel again, some guy (bapak2 gitu) come to me and suddenly massaging my legs and trying to help my legs to feel again. He advice me about cramps and massaging them till their fine again.

For the record, I was wearing a jilbab and jeans and he wasn't trying to hit on me. He was trying to help me. Sincerely. I was very touched and feel like crying. I said thanks so many times and he just nods saying that its okay and go back to his house to continued the chat with his friends. There's no motives, no... Nothing. He was sincere. I can feel it to the back of my bones. It was heart warming. Its the first time I feel like... I'm home. I don't wanna move to Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung or other big cities. This heart warming scene only exist in the small city where the people are nice and they know their neighbors (of course, 5 km range from their house are all siblings). Well, the point is... I love where I am right now and I thank the Lord for putting me here since years ago. =]

Sabtu, Februari 27, 2010

Do u regret it?

Good morning, fellas!

So today i got my hair done by my sister. I got my hair washed and blow dryed. My hair look great. Even my fringe fall in the right place. Its just that few moments in my life when i don't have a bad hair day. Its a perfect hair day. Even my powder and lipstick look great. I'm as cute as my friend Jun (who is praised for having a cute face by lurino at twitter).

I was planning to go to Bogor today (yes, to a mall) and watch a movie with a couple of networld friends. I wanted to show off my perfect hair to my friends and show them that i'm not always look that mature (a.k.a old). I look like a teenager with my short hair (i'm not making things up! >.<) and maybe i'm gonna meet someone cute at the mall or catch some 'brondong'. Lol!

But what about my jilbab?

I was sitting long and frustrated in front of the mirrorr with jilbab in my hand and my sister awaits me to go to Bogor. I wanted to show off my hair and show the world that i'm not always that lame and 'lusuh' (can't find the right word in English).

In the end, i put on my cover and go to Bogor. Even though my mom always supported me for NOT wearing my jilbab, i'm not wearing it for anyone but myself. =]

Jumat, Februari 26, 2010

Where is ur happyness lies?

Hai, bloggers and facebookers (i linked my blogs to my facebook notes so more people can read my random thoughts :p) long time no blog. =] well, i've been busy with my tumblr since its a lot easier to update. Simply just send an email via my blackberry to my tumblr's email and it'll be updated in no time. I know i could do the same thing with blogger but i don't know how to set the email address. :-S blogger should've made things a little simpler for its user. -__-

Oh, well. Enough with the pointless rambling. =]

So where does your happiness lies? I know its in u somewhere. I can't remember the last time i feel pure joy and happiness and satisfaction. I feel comfortable, yes. I feel a slight feeling of relieve, yes. But not joy. When other people get to be a civil service officer from the gorvenment, a.k.a PNS they got overwhelmed with joy. Espescially when ur hardwork finally get recognition from ur boss and u get an offer to fill a-soon-to-be-empty position at the office with harsh responsibility where its demand maturity and quick thinking. I never wanted that position. No. While i know some people get over joy by the news, i'm not. I don't feel anything but a huge burden on my shoulder. I just wanna live a normal quite life but it just not happening!

What should i do? Should i refuse the position? Either way i won't be starving even if i don't have that position. I know some places that will take me in, in no time. Its a dillema for me cos i'm proud to be appointed to this position. Means i'm trusted and assumed capable to this position. This means more hard work and more consideration to my conscious.

This new job demand me to act all mature while i feel a little bit dissapointed cos i feel comfortable to my position as the youngest at the office. I can't abuse my 'youngest' position anymore and i feel burden and troublesome cos of my age. Will they listen to me? Will they have respect on me? I don't know. Its all depend on my future attitude won't it?

Is this a gift or a test from god? I tend to choose the second one.

I don't feel grateful. Thats the reason of my unhappiness. I need to talk to someone. Its been a long time since i talk to my friends.

Is this what it takes to be an adult? *sigh.

Minggu, Januari 31, 2010

I'm the girl here... =="

GW!!! Terutama lagi gw bosen diliatin cowok kalo ke mall *keingetan ada cowok yang jalan bareng ceweknya ngeliatin gw sampe badannya balik*

gw rasa statement diatas cukup menjelaskan apa maksud dari judul blog ini. =="

Fyi, Celo itu cowok.

Kamis, Januari 21, 2010

Etos Kerja

Have u ever watch this movie? Ada rerunnya kemaren di Global TV. Dah lama keknya tapi gw tetep nonton juga walaupun dah pernah nonton di bioskop. Pas nonton di bioskop, rasanya ga ada kesan yang berarti di situ kecuali bahwa filmnya cukup entertaining, cukup mirip ama novelnya, Meryl Streep was amazing there (as always) dan Anne Hathaway clothes was stunning! Tapi pas gw nonton lagi di tv, ada sesuatu yang lain yang menangkap perhatian gw, adegan pas si Miranda (Meryl Streep) minta supaya Andy (Anne Hathaway) ngasih anak-anaknya buku Harry Potter yang belum terbit karena mereka penasaran sama ceritanya. Ceritanya Miranda lagi balas dendam karena Andy membiarkan dia terlantar di Miami karena hujan badai padahal besoknya anak-anaknya ada pementasan ballet.

Ceritanya saat Andy berkeluh kesah sama Nigel, temennya di kantor, Nigel bilang itu semua karena dia tidak bersungguh-sungguh pada pekerjaannya. Dia menganggap pekerjaannya di bidang fashion itu tolol, dan fashion sendiri itu cuma kegiatan konyol para shopaholic. Ketika Andy mulai bersungguh-sungguh, hasilnya keren banget. Andy ngasih 1 copy naskah buku harpot yang udah dijilid di meja Miranda sementara masing-masing anak kembarnya dapat 1 copy yang saat itu sedang berada di kereta menuju rumah neneknya, bahkan sebelum disuruh untuk melakukannya.

Itu, menurut gw, keren. Melakukan sesuatu sebelum disuruh dan memberikan lebih dari ekspektasi adalah bawahan yang pengen dimiliki setiap atasan. Bawahan seperti itu akan menjadi andalan oleh bosnya. Bersungguh-sungguh dalam pekerjaannya. Really, i really wanna be like that.

Btw, I'm quitting that blog thingie. Being a good employee meaning you get paid on time by your boss.

Senin, Januari 18, 2010

Never Ever...

Gw selalu begini. Setiap kali selalu pengen, setelah nyoba dan ngerasa ga cocok, gw ga pernah mau lagi ngelakuin itu. Sekali coba lagi karena lupa gimana rasanya trus ternyata malah jadi disaster, gw langsung kapok dan ga pernah ngelakuin lagi.

Pasti bingung maksud gw apa. Maksud gw ya, karena gw orangnya sirikan, gw suka sirik sama orang-orang yang mempunyai kemampuan yang gw ga punya. Kek misalnya waktu itu gw pengen jadi MC, pengen tau gimana rasanya buat jadi orang yang ada di depan layar biarpun gw tau persis kemampuan gw itu jauh lebih maksimal jadi orang yang dibalik layar. 2 Kali gw jadi MC. Sekali pas ospek kampus (don't ask. Malu2in!) sekali lagi ketika ada acara IH, WBD kalo ga salah (ha. ha. ha.). Dua kali ya... Setelah itu, gw bahkan ga mau pegang mic lagi di depan massa. Bahkan buat pengumuman pun gw ga mau (soalnya pernah dan gw cuma diketawain dianggap sambil lalu gitu). Sumpah ya gw parno. Ga akan pernah lagi jadi MC.

Dan sekarang... jadi ketua panitia. Perdana nih. Hasilnya... Full of dottness. Lol.

Entah. Gw ga mau parno sendiri. =]

My name is....

Its not Rere. Apalagi ReRe Chan. I mean its not my real name. My real name is… Reni Handayani Mirza Putri. I hold the record of having the longest characters in a name from kindergarden to college. I know that noawadays, people have longer names than I do (don’t know if its a tren) but back then, some people don’t even have a last name. Just one name and that’s it.

Funny thing about sundanese people is that their name usually in repetition so its not a family name. Like : Titin Suritin. Well, not like that, but close enough. Lol. Some Bataknese, wore their family name with proud as it shows their tribe or marga suku. My family is padangnese (no, I’ve never been to Padang before, there’s no one there) so I have my family’s name, which is Mirza, showing my tribe family name (dah kek apaan aja pake tribe segala. Lol) and the rest have no meaning whatsoever.

Once I asked my dad, what’s the meaning of my name, seeing my friends name has really cool meaning, and as far as I know, a childs name is a parents prayers. But the answer was pretty standard. My dad said that my name resembles his bosses daughter. So it was a lickass thingie, I guess, lol. Well, in his defence, he said that his bossess daughter has really good manner and smart, too. So he wishes that I have the same attitude like his bosses daughter. Can u believe it? Being compared just as u was born! How cool is that? Not to mention I have at least 1 person to have the same name as I do at school starting from middle to high school.

Well, I am pretty smart, as my dad wishes, but I don’t know about being obidiance and all that crap. Lol. Rere comes from a part of my name, re-and living between sundanese people, u just HAVE to repeat it-so it became Rere. I use it for my username on many forums so if u see a rerechan out there somewhere, that would be me. Tee hee.

Wow, this is long!

(copas dari tumblr buat bahan blog karena hape gw chargerannya ketinggalan di Ndhez)

Jumat, Januari 15, 2010

Okay, I admitted..

I cheated from blogger.

I have a tumblr account so you'll see me there from time to time and less here from time to time (halah!)

Come and visit :

So have u read my blog? Mostly its in English, right? So u have seen how bad I am in my English, minimum vocabulary, terrible grammar, pathetic spelling, etc. Makes me wanna hang myself...

I'm usually better at this. Language thingie, I mean. I'm the top of my class on English from kindergarden all the way to college. And now just look at my English. Its pathetic! I barely use it, I rarely watch US movies/series, I barely read novels or magz in English, I don't speak much English (to whom?) So I have no way to improve my English!

The reason why I'm saying this is cos I'm extremely jealous seeing p#3 post (about avatar the movie) as she wrote in English so fluently. No mistakes, no misspelling like I always do. I'm so utterly jealous of her english capability right now, AND she can speak/write Japanese (though not fluently). Making me envy her even more cos I want to be able to speak/write/read another language as well, such as Mandarin/Cantonese, French, Japanese, etc. Me want.

I think I need to buy (or borrow) a novel in English.

Rabu, Januari 13, 2010


Hashtag itu adalah hashtag yang dibuat oleh sebuah site yang mengumpulkan para ibu-ibu dari seluruh indonesia untuk saling berbagi tentang kegiatan mereka sebagai seorang ibu dan juga sebagai seorang wanita dan istri (or single parents). I think the site is pretty good but I'm not really that interested cos I'm still single and childless. But when I read people that I follow (mostly from @fashionesedaily) I found out that the site is going to give away 1.000 UHT milk box to childrens in the streets.

I am sooo jealous by it. I supposed to think about it too! I always thought of how can I help this needy child to get money but off the streets. Seems like an impossible job! Cos the kids doesn't want to go to school, they want to play on the streets and get some money while their parents is too lazy to get their ass up and get a real job instead telling their kids to go to school and stay away from the streets. These kids are exploited by iresponsible adults and they have no power whatsoever. What these kids doing is only what they've been told by the adults around them. And when they become an adult themselves, they treat their child the same way cos its the only way they know. Its sad. Its sad how poverty works, keeping your heart cold and mean, for the sake of money.

Giving money to these really thin pathetic children is no use, I agree. But what to do? They are malnourish and very thin. They barely eat and wear decent clothing. I rarely give them money but if I do have money in my hand, I really want to give some to them, but its un-educating! So the idea of giving away milk for the kids is really a cause that I support of. I want to help if I can but the only thing I can do is to help retweet and follow them, even though I wanna help more. But I can't cos I don't have any money and cos I'm too busy to help the cause in action.

I think, when u stop thinking about "me" u start to see things. Well, maybe its the age factor but its a good thing. =]

Btw, a quick shout out to a couple of my friends :
@hanihanito : get something to eat or u'll die just eating smoke!
@tiyanasigi : thanks for making me realise how old I am. :)

Senin, Januari 11, 2010


Hi, this is not Rerechan's entry.
It's P#3's entry.

I'm sure everyone already watched the James Cameron 3D film AVATAR right?
So, what do you think? Is it just another beautifully done 3D film that only satisfied your vision and immagination or there's something else behind it?

I decide to write this entry  because I can still read about AVATAR's success in the box office around the world and there's one thing that I never read about in those box office success article (or maybe I haven't find the article yet).

To me, AVATAR is like a mirror. A huge mirror that's suddenly put in front of every living (or dead) human being that walk (walked) this planet, so we can all see what we've done and are doing to this planet. Destroying it. Slowly but sure, we are destroying our own planet, our only home, the only place in this universe where we can live (for now - because, who knows, maybe one day we can actually live on the moon or other planets). Like what Jake said to the Tree of Souls the night before the battle. We killed our own mother (nature).

Talking about mother nature, did anyone realize that our nature is showing weird behaviour? extreme weather (cold & hot), the rise of the sea level, the melting of ice in the coldest places in this planet? massive natural disaster that killed thousands of people worldwide? Would you see it as a sign of mother nature's warning that she's hurting and wants us to stop whatever terrible things that we do to her or just another normal natural disaster that happens elsewhere but our home?

Again, quoting Neytiri's words to Jake the night before the battle, " The Mother only protects the balance of life". It makes me wonder, if all the weird signs mother nature is showing us now is to prevent her from hurting us even more than we hurt her. Because either way, mother nature will win. Whether this planet will be green again or will all be nothing but sun and sand or snow covered land, she wins. Maybe that is the way she protects the balance of life.

Or, maybe it's just me......

Minggu, Januari 10, 2010

Watch out SNSD, Reflector Power is Coming Your Way...

So there's a new Girl Group in town, Reflector Power. Consist of 3 beautiful ladies (i think), the three have the up most talent that most girls would envy about. They can sing (noticed first at Bus Damri going to Dago, Bandung, ngamen), they can dance (noticed first at the Jaipongan Dance Competition) and they are uber gorgeous (i think)! Even Super Junior's Siwon think that their charm is irresistable when he was spotted eating a gorengan using wrapping of the Reflector Power picture and the ever charming Shinee's MinHo spotted giving them receh on their latest concert at Dago Damri Bus! Ooohh.. I envy them.

SNSD? Brown Eyed Girls? Kara? Lewaaattt!!
2010 belongs to Reflector Power!

Rabu, Januari 06, 2010

Have you heard?

I got the job!! Oh. My. God! It feels like a blessing in disguise! Except the fact that I think I'm not grateful nor thankful enough to the Lord for everything Allah has gave me.^^

Ok, so I'm being a little religious here. Its kinda sweet, huh? Lol! Its just that the timing couldn't be anymore perfect. Just when I was feeling a little depress cos of my bad money management, and its getting worse in this period of time.. Well, I'm not PNS yet and there's so much to pay around the house, I'm not sure I can afford it. And that's when this news come to my ear. My net friend Manda, who really hate Japanese and Korean stuff suddenly asked me where can she get the latest news about Korean and Japanese news.

So long story short, Manda was working as a blog writer for her friend, writing about the latest news of Kpop and Jpop. Its like my dream job! To write about something that I actually like! And getting paid for it! Its not much, only 3k per post but in a week? A month? Like, 5-10 posts a day? That's a lot of money! Oh, God how much I was relieved when Manda told me that there's still vacancies for the job, and I could take the job right away. And I did it right away... I just posted 5 entries for the blog and I totally love it! The only weakness is... My office internet connection is working perfectly fine but the computer (and laptop!) Is not working!

So I have to go to warnet. Sigh.

I love warnet but I usually go there to watch videos that I like, not to work.

I need smart ISP.

You know what's good in 2010?

Is too much twittering. Twitter is like the next best thing after Yahoo! Messenger. I mean, just HOW many Indonesian people use twitter. Just this other day, I was checking Trending Topic (or we call it TT) and to my surprise, the TT was... Yang. Anyone know what 'yang' is? Its not a foreign language. Its a verb in indonesian language. Its like... Wow! Just how many Indonesian people are tweeting?!

Indonesian people are known for their hospitality and how much they love to socialized. Without a doubt, I consider twitter not only as a micro blog but also as a fun socializing place. I love that place! A friend of mine even told me to blog more cos I haven't been blogging for a week cos of twitter (which I thought was just nonsense cos what I wrote on twitter is just random unimportant things fufu).

its kinda like plurk, but its different. I like twitter better cos there are some people that I don't really like doesn't join twitter. Ha! Or they join twitter but they enjoy plurk much more.

Well, the latest TT was kinda funny. A girl name Rana went to TT and blasted to top 3! The girl offended a lot of Indonesian people cos she call a blackberry user (like myself) and twitter user (myself included) as 'alay'. An indonesian slang for cheesy or people from the 'hood'. I was laughing about it, but better yet, I was admiring just how many indonesian people love to tweet! From mobile phone, tweetdeck, blackberry, iphone, whatever.. Its just plain weird how indonesian people love twitter.

And one other funny thing... Bono was also on TT at the same time as Rana does but when people were asking "who is Rana?" They were also asking "who is Bono?" Lol!

Bono is a vocalist for U2, a famous band from Ireland, people.

Indonesia oh Indonesia. Lol!

Senin, Januari 04, 2010

Do u ever get that feeling...

When ur holding money in ur hand u just can't wait to spend it all at once? I mean, u see all that money on ur hands and u think to urself: 'Okay, what's the fastest and easiest way to spend all this money?'

And this is happening all-the-time.

I'm sure my friend Jun have the same feeling as me but lucky for her, she have a very strict mother who saved all her money and give her allowence like a 15 year old. Lol. I think its a.good thing, especially if u haven't learn how to manage ur money.

Funny thing, though, I love to watch Oprah and when the show is talking about money management, I got all excited, thinking; I can learn this, its easy, how come some people just have no respect on the money they earn so hard? And so on. Such noble feelings when the truth is, I am no different from them.

So I'm thinking to re-think how I view money. I'm getting tired to do this unbreakable devils chain of having money, spend it all before the end of the month, have no savings when I could save a few thousand (rupiah), playing too much out of town (jakarta, bogor, depok and soon, jogja), not thinking enough about my parents share, etc.

So, #in2010... Wish me rich! *halah*

Minggu, Januari 03, 2010

A question...

Pake jilbab tapi jarang sholat.

What do you think?

Its normal as human being untuk lalai dalam melaksanakan kewajibannya yang memang dibebankan kepada setiap muslim di dunia ini. Jilbab ini bisa sangat membebani dan ya... Gw emang jarang sholat meskipun pake jilbab. I'm working on it though. That's why I wore it at the first place... To protect me from bad people whenever I come home late from somewhere, to feel comfortable and good about myself without worrying on bad hair day or disasterous fashion sense, and to remind myself that I have to be a good muslim cos afterall, whatelse do I have?

Terkesan hipokrit kah? =]

Jumat, Januari 01, 2010

Once upon a time at Indomaret

"Ini saja, Bu, belanjaannya?"


"Umm, ini minuman beralkohol lho, Bu. Ga kelihatan memang karena tidak ada label alkoholnya,"

"Iya, saya tahu ini minuman beralkohol,"


*dalam hati : 'mentang-mentang gw pake jilbab. Cih.'*


a funny story yang terbentuk di dalam otak ketika melihat deretan bir di alfamart deket kantor. Lol.